Dear Philadelphia,

I really don’t like you.

I think your fans are obnoxious. I think your teams belong in mediocrity. I think you threw snowballs at and booed Santa. I just don’t like you.

But congrats. Seriously. From a New York fan.

While seeing you guys win is not easy, it was the better alternative on Sunday. I couldn’t bare to see Brady hoisting another trophy, with Gisele by his side and his son who he kisses down on the field. I couldn’t watch it, so I am glad you won.

That, and you deserve it. I’m not sure I’ve seen a fan base more passionate. More angry. More fired up.

You lost Wentz. You lost Sproles. You lost Jason Peters and Jordan Hicks. No one gave you a chance.

They said you’d lose to Atlanta. You didn’t.

They said you’d lose to Minnesota. Not only did you win, but you won 38-7.

Then they said you’d lose to New England. I said you’d lose to New England. Most of you said you’d lose to New England, but, somehow, you didn’t.

In a game that featured more yards than any game in NFL history, you outscored the best quarterback ever. Your backup quarterback, Nick Foles, made a big play every single time he needed to.

Your defense did what it has done all year. Make big plays. They got you there, and came up huge late in the game. In a situation the football world had seen Tom Brady wiggle his way out of, but he didn’t.

It was only at this point the fans started to believe.

“No more miracles,” said one. “I’m gonna cry,” said another (and he did. A lot.) “I need to call my dad,” said a third.

They wanted it. Bad. And they got it.

It was the culmination of ten years of suffering for a city that loves their sports more than most.

After the Phillies won the World Series in 2008, all four sports teams in the city really started to struggle.

The Phillies remained competitive for a few years, but have been one of the worst teams in baseball for the last five years.

The Flyers have been kind of competitive, but haven’t been to the conference finals since they lost the Stanley Cup in 2010.

The Sixers have, well, been “trusting the process” for the better part of 6 seasons.

These Eagles have made the playoffs once since 2011 and dealt with the horror that was the Chip Kelly experiment.

It’s been a long time coming for this city. They deserve it, so before you return to trash talking the city, let them have this one.

I still don’t like you. But congrats.


a Giants fan