A day more special than Valentine’s, Galentines has always held an important place in my heart.

For me, Valentines is a silly holiday. Whether it’s because there doesn’t need to be just one day to celebrate love or because it is a holiday constructed to get people to spend money right as the holiday season ends, it is not as amazing as all the hype.

However, Galentines is worth all the hype and more. Dedicated to embracing your girl friends and the disdain of cheesy romance, this holiday is one I always try to celebrate.

I love Galentines because the essence of celebrating my friends and enjoying in all the fun parts of Valentines without the pressure of making it “the perfect night” means it can be one of the best nights of the year.

This is how I think of Galentines: a night filled with chocolate strawberries, rom coms, champagne and pink everything, but with all my best friends. It combines all those stereotypical aspects of Valentines minus the expectation.

Valentine’s Day has always been a mess for me and never fulfilled the magical portrayals that seemed to be all over the media in February. Galentines, however, has always been a relaxed, fun night that exceeds my expectations.

I’m not here to convince you to dump your significant other or cancel your plans this week. I do want to encourage you to think of Galentines as not just a night for sad and lonely girls to feel better. In fact the girls I plan to spend Galentines with are some of the most carefree and happy girls I know, some of which are in relationships.

It doesn’t have to be either romantic evening or nothing. There is a middle ground where you can take advantage of this holiday. The stereotypical view of Galentines or Valentines is over. We’re no longer longing for a romantic gesture or the perfect night. I don’t need a sparkling necklace or rose petals all over my dorm room. We’re in college, not Pretty Woman or The Notebook. We’re celebrating each other this year and it starts with Galentines.

Guys, don’t be afraid to join in. I haven’t heard of a Guyatine celebration but I would love to see one. The point is that romance is not a scheduled event, so don’t put so much pressure to make it one.

So, this year relax a little. Realize that life isn’t about a boy surprising you with chocolate and flower on the one day you expect it to happen. Buy your own flowers. Treat yourself to that slice of cheesecake. Relax with a face mask, glass of wine and your friends this year. Or, maybe your Galentines day is all about scary movies and a snowball fight.

It doesn’t matter what you want to do. What matters is that you take time to appreciate the support system that surrounds you. Romance will be there tomorrow, and the next day and next year. We know to appreciate our significant other, but our friends we often take for granted.

Not anymore, though, for today we celebrate the Gals (or Guys, or both, you do you boo).