Welcome back Denison! The return to school means the absence of old editors. While the three of us will miss our old staff, we are excited to embark on a new year where we get to run things now. Chloe and Casey are taking over the roles of co-Editor-in-Chiefs, while Josh is excited to work as Managing Editor. We want to start by saying hello and telling you a bit about ourselves.

Chloe is a sophomore English and communication major with a narrative nonfiction writing concentration from Chagrin Falls, Ohio. She loves literally any dog and indulging in those expensive buckeye brownies in Slaytor or the sugary snagels in the Bandersnatch. If you want to buy her either she will accept.

Casey is a sophomore communication major with a narrative nonfiction writing concentration from Chagrin Falls, Ohio. She loves buying Chloe those expensive buckeye brownies from Slayter, even when her declining is low. Other than that, she enjoys long road trips with her friends and family and binge watching basically any Netflix show.

Josh is a political science major with a double minor in Black studies and Spanish from Boston, Massachusetts. He enjoys going to the gym, going on spontaneous adventures with friends and doing just about any activity that involves food.

Okay, now that we have the formalities out of the way we are going to tell you a little secret.

We are so scared for the next year!

We are all sophomores thus making us a very young executive board. Usually there’s a mixture of juniors and seniors in our positions.

While we have the experience to hold these positions, we have a lot of pressure to make a good impression on our previous Editors in-Chief and Managing Editors… and of course we can’t forget Alan Miller our faculty advisor!

The people that held these positions before us left some pretty big shoes to fill. On top of that, we have a relatively young and new editing staff with only three returning editors. We are confident in our team, but we are still so nervous to disappoint.

A lot more goes into producing a weekly publication than meets the eye. Hours and hours go into writing and organizing every section. Hopefully, we can pick up where the old staff left off and continue to deliver important news to our campus.

To be honest, news is changing. There isn’t as much of a need for papers to tell stories, but we hope that The Denisonian will always have a home at this school in some shape or form. As we prepare to keep up with the online exchange of news, we hope that you continue to take in interest in what we have to say.

Our goal for the semester is to increase accessibility for the reader in accessing our paper. With that in mind, we encourage you to pick up a copy of The Denisonian or check out our website.

We expect a lot out of ourselves this semester and we hope to deliver. Here’s to another semester!