With a unique academic schedule than most other schools, Denison’s length of winter break has stirred up two points of view: it was either too long or just right.

Last year, winter break was about three weeks long, depending on your finals. In contrast, this year break was about five weeks long. While there are many things happening on and off campus during that time, the length of winter break can be debated.

On one side, many say winter break is in no way shape or form too long. There is nothing better than getting to go home for a solid five weeks or so, after the long and stressful event that is final exams. Seeing family, friends from home, your pets, and eating home cooked meals is hard to beat. The longer we get to kick back and relax, the better.

The length of winter break provided just the right amount of time to see friends, spend time with family, and get plenty of watching Netflix in. Even if friends left earlier than you, it gave plenty of time to hang out with family or sit back and watch TV.

It left us time to be productive and fill out summer job applications and most importantly, time to get excited to go back to school. If winter break had been even a week longer than it was, some may have gone a little stir-crazy. If it had been any shorter than it was, some may have not been totally prepared to come back. Overall, five weeks is like Goldilock’s porridge: just right.

Most importantly, who could ever get tired of sleeping in their own bed and hanging out with their pets!

On the other hand, winter break can drag on.

While it began with joyful reunions and holiday celebrations, it soon devolved five weeks later into an endless binge of Netflix shows. Any break from classes should be long enough to relax, but not so long that returning to college feels foreign. Moving back in a full month later felt like coming to campus for the first time. Having a break weeks longer than other colleges meant that Denison students were often the last ones remaining, leaving them stuck at home with nothing to do.

Obviously the long winter break gives time for students to attend different school sponsored trips, which is awesome. But these can still be accomplished in say a four week long break. Why can’t we find a happy medium between three and five weeks? Oh wait we can.

All that is trying to be said is if winter break is going to be long, some students would appreciate more on campus opportunities. Five weeks is enough to take another class or do a small research project. For those who need to work or intern in the summer, a winter research project or class could be useful to pass the time.

Whatever your opinions are on break, getting back into the swing of school can be a challenge. The Denisonian staff clearly had a mixed break, but we are ready and excited to work in this new year. We hope you are too.