On February 17, Denison’s Art Space in Newark opened it’s anticipated ‘Cleveland in Newark’ exhibition with a public reception.

Filled with students, faculty and members of the community, lookers gathered to enjoy the snacks and refreshments and celebrate the new exhibition that featured Cleveland artists such as Jerry Birchfield, Lauren Davies, Christi Birchfield, Lauren Herzak-Bauman, Andrea Joki, Elizabeth Emery and Katy Richards.

Those who attended could not get enough of the reception’s spread that featured brownies, cannolis, a variety of cookies, hot chocolate and coffee from River Road Coffee House.

Ellen Kajca ‘19, global commerce major and Spanish minor, said, “I think what Denison is doing is really great. It’s really nice to have an off-campus space that has created an entirely different environment. It gives students the opportunity to get off campus and enjoy art with their peers and faculty. It’s great to be able to do things with people in Newark outside of Denison.”

The exhibition is part of the Art Space’s series ‘City Series’ that showcases artists from different cities around the state of Ohio.

The Newark Art Space has a mission statement that states it intends to bring all individuals together in a communal and public place to learn from one another and center on conjoining communities and the arts. The space has two music teaching studios, a studio for the artist-in-residence and a gallery area.

Ali Haag ‘19, a studio art major, works at the the Art Space and played a role in setting it up for the exhibition. “After overhearing that the art department was looking for a student to work at the Art Space, I immediately took the opportunity. It’s been a great experience to work with visiting artists and to have a role in the creation of this exhibition. It took us a week to set-up and was great to have a role in this process.”

The space will provide free events such as exhibitions, artist talks, hands-on workshops and more for people to enjoy. Their vision is that “the space will bring together individuals from all generations, disciplines, and backgrounds to stimulate learning about, from, and with one another.”

Denison Art Space in Newark is a gateway to the arts and to connecting surrounding communities by providing a collaborative environment centered on culture, arts, and creative expression.

The exhibit will be on display until Wednesday, April 11. Denison Art Space in Newark is located in Downtown Newark at 23 W. Church St. and is open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Tuesday to Friday, and by appointment.