Sally Schooler (Feb 5. 1964 – Feb 19. 2018)

She was an admirable employee and a dear friend, who serviced both the Huffman dining hall and the Slayter Market. On February 19, the passing of dining lady Sally Schooler was news that spread all over campus.

Born on February 5, 1964, Schooler was 56 when she fell victim to a brain tumor. Her colleagues miss her dearly, and have shared some of their fondest memories of their times spent together.

“She loved her job here. She’d always make sure I had a ride to work, that’s how we became close friends” said Mary Connors, Schooler’s colleague and friend who worked with her at Huffman. “If you were having a bad day, it wouldn’t matter once she was here.”

“She just didn’t meet a stranger, she was very outgoing and loved everybody” said Connie Tuggle, Schooler’s colleague and friend who worked with her at Huffman. “She wasn’t down for nothing, very seldom she’d have a bad day. But she made sure everybody was fed right and that they went away happy. She was a sweetheart, her husband Jim would be lost without her.”  

Schooler’s family meant everything to her, and she’d wear her mother’s day ring to work every day. For the past 12 years, she’d volunteer for a toy run that she’d participate in with her family.

She is survived by her husband of 32 years, Samuel J. Schooler, Sr.; sons, Samuel J. (Kristin) Schooler, Jr., William J. Schooler all of Newark; twin sister, Sara (James) Compton of Glenford; niece, Elizabeth E. Filkins of Newark; granddaughter, Kelsie Grace Schooler; six brothers and sisters; several nieces and nephews.

“My best memory of Sally is the fun we had here at work” said Connors. “Her favorite ice cream was mint chocolate chip. She could eat that whole five-gallon bucket if we let her, and yet she was the skinniest of us all.”

“We’d have lunch together with the first shift, and when it was time to have dinner I’d go over to sit where she was working” said Tuggle. “During her last few months, she’d come up and visit us with the lady that was doing chemo with her, and was always in a good mood.”

Schooler was employed at Denison University Food Service Department for the last ten years. She is known to enjoy working in her flower garden.

“I’d seen her a couple of times when she was in the hospital, and then when she came home” said Connors. “She’d call me from home and we’d talk on the phone for hours.”

Even though she’s no longer around, her friends and colleagues are grateful for having gotten to know such a lovely person during their time here at Denison.

“I’ve worked here for 28 years, and that’s how long I’ve known her, I’ve seen a lot of them come and go but she really stuck around” said Tuggle.

Sally Schooler will always be a part of the Denison family, and her presence on campus will be greatly missed by many. A service was held this past Monday at the Newark Chapel of Vensil & Chute Funeral Home. She will be buried in Barnes Cemetery. The family requests memorial contributions to the Foundation for Hospice of Central Ohio.