After wrapping up my first semester at Denison, I quickly discovered that finding the perfect study spot is easier said than done. In the library, I was overwhelmed by all the different spots it had to offer; long tables, private desks and each floor seemed to have a different feel to it. Some have old paintings hanging surrounded by books, while others consist of long tables and groups of students studying together. All in all, the space provides the perfect environment to focus and crank out work.

However out of laziness and a hate for the freezing cold weather, I ended up spending hours studying in my room. It would never take more than about an hour for me to get distracted from studying and end up on Facebook, or in my bed watching Friends. I knew this was a problem I had to get under control; I needed to find somewhere I could study well and for a significant amount of time.

Come second semester, I was finally introduced to the fourth floor of Slayter. I had known about this space because of the auditorium, but had never taken the time to look around at other areas the floor has to offer, and consider it a study space.

After being invited by a friend there to study one Sunday I was hooked; it was incredibly quiet, and everyone had their own perfect amount of space at a table. The giant windows provide an amazing view, full of forest and the rolling hills that are outside of Granville. This view helps provide a relaxing environment for people studying there. Also, natural light is just simply so nice to have.

Additionally to the quiet study setting provided by the fourth floor of Slayter, it’s an incredibly convenient location. If you get hungry and or need a coffee boost, all you have to do is get in the elevator and go down a few floors. You can take a few minutes to socialize and take a study break, grab a snack, then head back up to your work.

At the same time, if you need somewhere to sit between classes and grind out a last minute assignment, the fourth floor is usually less crowded and much more quiet than the main floor of Slayter and the Nest area. Because of the low-key environment you can really zone in on what it is you need to get done. There’s also bathrooms on this floor, a water fountain, outlets and multiple different types of seating arrangements. If you need to work on a group project there are bigger tables. If it’s just you, and you need a small nook to focus in, they have smaller tables with desk lamps available also. Not to mention, the view of A-quad from the fourth floor of Slay is a nice occasional distraction from the stresses of homework.

Next time you are scrambling to find an effective, quiet and relaxing place to study, I definitely recommend you give the fourth floor of Slayter a try. It has everything you need to be productive, while at the same time offering a gorgeous view and overall easy going environment. Take time to wander the floor, and find the space that feels best for you. Don’t forget your coffee!