STAFF EDITORIAL — Midterms are just like finals, maybe even a little bit more intense. Considering how there is no midterm schedule present to students and no reading days or extended office hours.  Nevertheless, midterms are contribute significantly to the majority of final grades. Midterms can be scary at times, but have no fear, the editors at the Denisonia have the remedy to cure the testing blues and conquer the midterms.

First, start out with a personalized schedule that adheres to you needs. To begin, make a list of every task that you need to accomplish a week or two before the midterms, or however much time you can spare. Than it helps to categorize the task via subject, for example for biology I need to do a, and b. This will help you see what each class requires and organize your task in a manner that reduces stress.  Next figure out timing. This seems easy enough, but keep in mind your involvements and be realistic about timing. Don’t pack too much into a short amount of time and always schedule in breaks as rewards. Try mapping out the entire day with time. For example, on Monday: 8:30 -9:20 a.m.- class, 9:30 to 10:30-get breakfast and talk to friends… Keep on track with your time table and remember to take breaks. Sometimes we can get too distracted when taking a break, therefore try setting a timer for a 15-20 minutes break in between studying.  Try not to make your day too packed with tasks and engagements, give yourself time to relax as a stressless midterm time is the best time. And remember to get started early and efficiently, as the more your study the longer it will stick in your brain.

Second, it is vital to take care of yourself. Remember that your body needs rest to be able to absorb the material you study. Avoid staying up too late, include in a bedtime in your schedule and stick to it. Also, don’t forget to eat, and eat healthy. In the rush and stress of midterms, we can often forget the importance of a good meal. Get plenty of fluids as it is important for your body to get the necessary levels of nutrition, regulate temperature and maintain body function. Don’t forget about exercise too, it can seem impossible to fit in exercise to an already busy schedule of sleeping and eating, but a light walk or stretch that you can do as part of your down time will help. Studies have shown that exercises not only releases serotonin and reduces stress, so if you are feeling overwhelmed at anytime, do some light exercise. You will thank us for it later.

Third, remember your professors and other aids. Don’t forget office hours as they are important and in high demand around midterms. Try to email your professors to discuss questions and concerns before midterms. They are very helpful and are always willing to answer questions.

All in all, midterms can be a daunting week for many but remember spring break is just around the corner.