ZOE PEARCE  Stan Smiths Adidas have been taking the world by storm, especially on college campuses.  The American tennis player Stan Smith had an extremely successful tennis career playing doubles with his partner Bob Lutz.  The pair won more than fifty titles including the U.S Open four times. Smith was ranked in the top ten for six straight years and ended his career as the number one tennis player in the world in 1972.  He became the name for the iconic tennis shoes in 1971, at the height of his career.  

In the 70’s and 80’s the shoes became a hot commodity and trend.  The majority of shoes are seen with white leather, laces, opposing color on the back of the shoe and ventilation holes. The ventilation holes give them a unique look that set them apart from other sneakers. Unlike the typical Adidas sneaker, Stan Smiths do not have the three stripes usually seen on the shoe, giving them a more polished, trendy appearance.  

This innovative style was popular from the start.  My mom told me about her experience with Stans when they first came out and seeing the fashion continued into modern day.  She said, “After wearing Stan Smiths in high school, it is funny to see them on my kids and their friends.  We actually wore them to play tennis, but thought they were cool enough to wear to class as well.”

When my mom bought me my first pair of Stan Smiths for my birthday last year I had no idea what their back story was or why they were so special.  It was interesting hearing that she wore them at my age, because initially I didn’t know that they were around when she was in high school.  Having worn my Stans for over a year now, I have found an appreciation for them.  They are comfortable along with stylish and have an intriguing history.

All over Denison’s campus you see Stan Smiths.  I’ll be walking to class and immediately spot four people wearing them.  It has become apparent just how well-known these shoes are.  It is always amusing to see old fashion trends jump back into style.  

My friend Verena told me about her shoes, “They’re super comfy and go with everything.”  She continued saying, “ I was living in Europe and everyone had them and I just thought I would jump on the bandwagon.  Also they’re not that expensive so it seemed like a good investment.”  The shoes are practical for everyday wear making them more appealing to buyers. They are also easy to slip on opposed to other shoes, making them simple and fast.  The white color of the shoes makes them stand out giving them a fresh look.  The only downside is the fact that they get dirty easily, but I’ve found that they can easily be cleaned with Windex on a paper towel.  If you are ever looking for a practical new look I highly recommend these sneakers, they are just as good as Stan himself.