SARAH STUMPF — How nice is it that after a workout one can cool down with a healthy treat?

The smoothies at Mitchell were introduced to Denison life in 2016. Open Monday through Thursday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., anyone can grab a delicious smoothie on their way out from the gym. The Mitchell center is equipped with a multitude of assets but the smoothie place is somewhat of a hidden gem.

The options of fruit is a far and wide list: from strawberries, pineapple, peach, banana, to mango. After picking two fruits you can add a sweetener. This makes the smoothie taste like dessert. From peanut butter to agave, you cannot go wrong. Next you have the option to choose something to blend with it. With the plethora of dairy free options, including soy milk and flax milk, even the vegans can be satisfied.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in college is important on so many levels. In order to fulfill the tasks of being a student and keeping up with demands of college, a healthy body and mind is necessary. The smoothie stop provides this healthy haven, and makes it easy.

The Mitchell center all together is a tremendous asset to campus life, making working out fun and accessible. The Smoothie Stop is a way to end the workout on a high note, refueling one’s cells with nutrition and energy for the rest of their day. In my opinion, every good workout is accompanied by a smoothie to finish it off.

It doesn’t just stop at smoothies though. They sell fruit and healthy granola bars as well. Every Health Nut’s dream place.

After coming from California and being surrounded by fresh fruit, Ohio was looking slightly bleak. The smoothie place gives those of us in dorms (where storing fresh fruit is not always easy) a quick and easy way to get that fruity nutrition back into our diets. They are always creamy, satisfying and delicious. Everyone should try and support Mitchell’s smoothies.

The smoothie place is a great place for people who are into their nutrition and want to end their workout with a smoothie. Thanks to its offering of so many vegan options, it is an eco-friendly choice as well.

However, excessive smoothie ordering also results in excessive use of plastic. There should be an implementation of compostable cups, or even bringing in personal reusable cups to pour the smoothies into. With a shift to more eco-friendly practices, the smoothie place does not have a downside!