STAFF EDITORIAL — Ohio weather is unpredictable. You can wake up to 30 degrees with wind blowing in your face as you walk to class in the morning bundled up. After a couple of short hours, you may just as likely find yourself sweating as you head towards lunch with the sun beating down, wishing you hadn’t worn so many layers.

And even more extreme, we can somehow have beautiful, sunny, 75-degree days in the same week as 35 degrees and frozen rain. You never know what you are going to get with Ohio weather so you always had better be ready for something new! This time of year is especially confusing, with the promise of spring juxtaposed by the lingering threat of snow.

While some of us think the four season roller coaster is an exciting experience (cough cough Chloe), most of staff thinks the extremes are the worst. So how do we survive?

You don’t.

Just kidding. Definitely don’t retire your big jacket or snow boots as the sun isn’t coming out just yet.

The prolonged and sporadic cold to warm weather has several negative consequences. To start, many feel we are not built to handle such conditions. Physically, our noses run, our heads ache and our throats are scratchy from swallowing so much mucinex. We can’t keep telling our teachers we’re sick because after five weeks, who believes that?

Yet that is a student’s reality in this weather. Our health seems to fluctuate with the weather.

Not to mention the mental stability consequences of the situation. With the sun out once every four days, it seems impossible for anyone to be truly happy. Unless you have your Vitamin D pills, you’re out of luck.

It’s not so much the cold weather or the hot weather that brings us down, but rather the constant changing. That is the part we are fed up with. Is there a solution to this mayhem? Not really. Everyone has to tough it out until school is over in a little more than six weeks. When we packed for the school year and brought our warm clothes, we didn’t think we would only have three weeks to enjoy them.

We as staff believe that this weather is an atrocity, but Editor-in-Chief Chloe has some other opinions.

Chloe: Hey guys! So I just wanna say that I have lived in Ohio my whole life and Columbus is nothing compared to Cleveland or some other north states like Wisconsin. Yes, the weather is crazy but hey you signed up for it!

Ohio weather gives you character. It teaches you to go with the flow and face adversity, or a blizzard. My friend lives in San Francisco and the weather NEVER CHANGES. What’s the fun in that? Then, the one time it did hail, and people freaked out. The south closes schools with one inch of snow, but guess who can drive in eight inches of snow with one foot of visibility and a broken car heater? This girl. Put that on my resume because that is a skill. I understand the rest of staff’s struggle, but I politely disagree.