COURTESY OF 91.1 WDUB    Kweku Collins:

Kweku Collins is a 20 year-old rapper, producer and songwriter from the Chicago suburbs who is the paradigm of DIY rap and hip hop. His unique and catchy hits like “Stupid Rose” from the 2016 album “Nat Love” combine a grounded melody with lyrics about teenage life and love through the lens of an old soul, perfectly expressing the emotions of his young audience. Mixing rap-ballads and grimy punk-rap with acoustic guitar chords, Collins has pioneered a genre and sound all his own to stand out from the countless other big rap names to come out of Chicago. This hip-hop misfit is working to create lyrics that can play to the emotional roller-coaster that is coming of age, while pairing them with a somewhat melancholy musical backing, to produce a soundscape entirely unique to himself and his brand. Collins’ newest single “Home Tree” was released on December 1 and his music is available on Spotify as well as other platforms. We are incredibly excited to have Kweku Collins co-headlining Doobie Palooza this year and anticipate an energetic and amazing performance!



This Tufts University-bred band may still be underground, but they’ve got a signature sound that is bound to light up the Doobie stage. Consisting of singer/guitarist Lila Rimani, synth/keyboardist Brian Aranow, drummer Jonathan Gilad and bassist Jesse Brotter, this four piece band specializes in jazz-infused psychedelic rock that is often mellow and laid back, but bursts with sprawling and lush choruses and trippy production. Their sound pays homage to 60’s psych pop, loose jazz, indie rock and bedroom pop in a refreshing way. Drawing comparisons to bands like BadBadNotGood, Mild High Club, Drugdealer and Hoops, Crumb is a group on the rise, having only released seven tracks in total. Nevertheless, the four-piece band has made a name for themselves with their “Locket” EP and self-titled three track single, which displayed the band’s soul, funk and jazz influences on their sleeve. The band was also listed in Nylon Magazine’s guide to “All The Brooklyn Bands You Should Be Listening To” in October of 2017, and received a glowing feature article in Paste Magazine, which called the band’s sound “undeniably original”.



Local Columbus rapper and Denison alumni, Sarob, will take the stage on Friday at Doobie Palooza. The singer-songwriter started his musical career in late 2013 with his track, “high noon.,” a well-known to Denison flip of Kankick’s classic instrumental, “Seeing Spirits”. In April of 2014, Rob released his first official mixtape titled “noon”, which garnered international acclaim as well as praise from veteran artists such as Homeboy Sandman. Rob recently released an album in 2017 called, “Seeing in the Dark” which has many great tracks on it. Crystal Clear, 24 hrs and others are definitely worth listening to. On his website, you can find a handful of singles, including a track with Portland band, Fine Animal, titled “Imitator,” which can also be found on Sarob’s Soundcloud. This will be Sarob’s 5th Doobie Palooza performance. We are looking forward to his mesmerizing lyrical talent and his ever-present crowd involvement again this year!



Mungbean is comprised of Emma Swysgood, Sean Gleeson and Joel Blaeser. Based out of Columbus, this trio mesmerizes with their otherworldly synths, shoe tappin’ drumbeats and groovy guitar riffs overlain by Swysgood’s irresistible and powerful vocals. Although a fairly new band, arriving on the scene in 2017, all members have been making music for most of their lives and have substantial experience: Blaeser was the drummer for the cutting edge Columbus band Turtle Island and Swysgood did vocals for the up and coming rock outfit, The Worn Flints. In being such a new band they are constantly experimenting with unique sounds but could probably be best described as spacey electronic dance pop. Inspired by artists like The XX, Caribou and the National, Mungbean makes infectious and danceable music with each members sound complimenting the others; creating a technicolor dreamcoat of magical and positive sounds. With only about six songs released on a series of three two song EPs Mungbean is set to be one of next great acts out of Columbus and we’re very excited to have them play at Doobie Palooza this year!



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Fritz and SHEL

Jose and Simone

Count Spacey