Darkness at every corner in the library, sliced up human meat at Slayter and dying patients at Whisler. It’s not literally happening at Denison, but I did get to experience these horrors at the Lambda Chi Alpha Haunted House.

I decided to go to the Lambda Haunted House because they cornered me in Slayter one day and it’s pretty hard to say no to donating $5 to charity. Plus, as haunted house prices go, that’s a pretty good deal to see if these boys can actually scare me.

Haunted houses aren’t for everyone. Personally, I can’t handle scary movies because that is some psychological terror. Scary movies make me paranoid to my core. Haunted houses, though, I can handle. I just remember that it’s all fake and staged. That’s when the real adrenaline rush can kick in. Remembering that it’s fake makes it harder to impress me as a haunted house attendee. I know everything is staged, so how can these haunted houses impose real terror? Is it worth the price?

In the case of Lambda Haunted House, I approve. Their house was completely worth it. Not only was it cheap and for a good cause (Feeding America), but I jumped, screamed and laughed the whole time.

I went with my friend and roommate, Emily Mason, as we are the only ones of my close friends that enjoy haunted houses. We went early in the night and got the original scares. Apparently, the haunted house adapted as it received feedback from participants.

I was first surprised that Lambda asked us to sign a waiver. Little did they know that a waiver can be scary too, making me think there was something unlawful about to happen. They also gave us pizza, which was nice.

Soon, the scares began. Our lovely “Denison Tour Guide” took us to the entrance of the Lambda’s frat space in the basement of Morrow House. He warned us to be careful as we travel through what the apocalypse at Denison will look like. They opened the door.

It was pitch black. Emily and I were scared to even step into the house because we couldn’t see. Knowing anything could jump at any turn, we slowly made our way through the “Denison Library Maze.” A notable scare was when walking by a piano player. He was sitting there playing, then slowly turned his head toward us like we disturbed his song. It was pretty creepy.

Then we moved into a haunted Slayter, where a bloodied, screaming Lambda and two chefs in clown masks sharpened their knives. The first walk by wasn’t too scary, but they got us when we came out of Haunted Whisler. Whisler was freaky due to the small shadowed outline of the “monsters.” You can slightly see them and you are both aware of the other, but you fear walking by them, knowing a scream is coming your way.

At the end of the hallway was Whisler, which contained a screaming patient on the table. This part was fairly predictable, as a screaming patient really isn’t that scary. However, the room did provide a jump scare (which I love) and Emily and I were confused on how to get out. This meant the Lambda’s yelling at us to “Get out!” which tensed up the situation.

We ran out and back to Slayter only to find a flexible man on all fours, upside down. He looked like a human spider, and then he started running at us. We did not like that, but it definitely provided the scares.

We ended by entering the “last Sunnies party” ever, which may be closer than we think these days! Anyway, about 20 Lambdas dressed in costume started coming closer and closer, circling us. Until, suddenly, music played and we raved our way out of the house. I would have preferred if they cornered Emily and I a bit more, as that would have been really scary, but it was fun to end with a “party” of sorts. Definitely lightened the mood, and they gave us candy.

I have to give Lambda the credit they deserve. It was an awesome haunted house and definitely worth the five dollars. Not too long of a house, but with enough jump scares and psychological intimidation to make us go through a second time (which was just as enjoyable).

I do wish my partner wouldn’t stop so much next time. It was hard to get her to keep moving through the house. She was nice to hang onto though, as I would never go in alone.

Hopefully, this haunted house will continue next year. If so, I highly encourage everyone to go. And Lambda, call me if you want any ideas for improvements.