If you’re a female and love to write, HerCampus is the club for you.

HerCampus is the #1 global online magazine community whose main audience focuses on college females. Content spews from over 7,000 contributors at more than 300 different schools, the organization is growing rapidly since its debut in 2009.

With writing as a central part of a liberal arts education, Denison is one of the many schools involved with this collegiate-focused progressive website. With articles varying from news to entertainment, health, careers and more, HerCampus is an outlet for female students voices to be heard on all subjects globally and throughout several campuses.

Denison’s branch of HerCampus is run by an executive team that consists of different jobs and students. The team consists of Senior Editor Nora Zacharski ‘19, Event Planner Grace Guilliams ‘19, Social Media & Marketing Head Liz Anastasiadis ‘21 and Chapter Correspondents McKenna Ross ‘19 and Michaela Allen ‘19.

Grace Guilliams ‘19 reflected on her experience with HerCampus. “I quickly realized that I loved to write opinion pieces and pop culture listicles, all stuff I’d never had a chance to write before in a structured setting. My favorite part about HerCampus is getting to see my articles ‘go live’ each month; it’s a crazy thing to see my words on the website and to be able to share my informal work with friends and family.” As an English-Writing major with a concentration in Narrative Journalism, Guilliams views HerCampus as a creative stress outlet.

In 2017, alumni Alex Curran-Cardarelli ‘17 reactivated the publication at Denison.

Any female college student at Denison is welcome to write articles bi-weekly. Not only are there special gifts and surprises, but writers can put their name out on the web — make sure to add it to your resume!

“HerCampus is a creative space for diverse women, and a great opportunity to be your own boss in a lot of ways,” says Guilliams. “I can’t recommend it enough.”

HerCampus also offers internships and jobs for students on their website ( connecting students to several different opportunities for a future career in any field.

“HerCampus has allowed me to find out who I am and speak about things that I never believed I would be able to,” says Michaela Allen ‘19, a communications and psychology double major from Delaware, Ohio.

The team meets once a month in Burton Morgan.

Follow Denison’s chapter of HerCampus on Instagram @hcdenison and like them on Facebook, or visit to keep updated on activities, articles and more.