During a Friday night on a college campus, there is certainly no lack of activities for students at Denison to take part in. Sometimes, however, we still find ourselves with nothing to do. One program that can remedy this boredom is the Karaoke Club.

Karaoke club meets every Friday at Higley Auditorium (room 105). The program starts at 11 p.m. and any participant can come to the club with friends and choose any song to sing until their heart’s content.

Ryn Graham ‘19, an anthropology/sociology and classics double major from Frederick, Maryland, said, “Karaoke club for me is a really safe place to go and just spend time with my friends. We all hang out beforehand and then we go usually sit together and hang out some more. I get very bad stage fright when I try to sing infront of people usually, so it’s kind of nice to be in a place where everyone just kind of acting like a bunch of dorks, and I can just sing and have a good time without feeling like everyone’s going to judge me said it’s a fun safe place.”

There are microphones available, but some just sit and sing, stand and sing, or dance and sing. Some come, but do not sing a lot; Karaoke club is a space where you can explore what music means to you. Whether it is watching from the audience or taking center stage, all are welcome.

Karaoke Club is also a judgement free zone, so if your singing skills aren’t the strongest you are still encouraged to perform. It’s not a singing competition, so no one should feel pressured when attending.

The program lasts for hours with a revolving door of happy participants. Many describe it as “just a wonderful inviting place.”

The president of Karaoke club, Lauren Robbins ‘19, a computer science major from Lebanon, Ohio, describes the club as “something I’ve been doing since freshman year, and I was very excited to be president this year. It was always a welcoming place when I was an underclassmen, and I hope to keep it a welcoming place for underclassmen.”

Even if you didn’t meet the club at the involvement fair, there is always opportunity to check it out one weekend. With a consistent meeting time, the club is easily accessible. It is a place to come and meet others, which can be difficult in college. Reach out to Robbins ( if you have any more questions or concerns about the club.

Next Friday, come ready with your favorite song and best dance moves for an evening of letting loose and singing proud.