The A- Quad renovations, taking place since April, have been moving slowly, but surely (Mostly Slowly). It’s evident we’re all impatient for the construction to be over, as its location is about as inconvenient as it gets. It’s placement in the center of the Academic Quad makes the journey to class an arduous one. The noisiness of it all has also become a nuisance for students. “I have three classes in Higley, and I’ve found it really hard to concentrate with all the noise going on around me.” says Max Giarrusso ‘21. Weinberg has reassured us that, in fact, progress is being made, and that the project should be completed by mid-October.

When all is said and done, the finished product will be a spacious plaza in front of Slayter. As opposed to a few benches around the flagpole that we had before, it will be a larger, more open space for students and faculty to socialize.

The main reasoning behind the project taking so long is replacing the utilities beneath ground, with some being up to eighty-years-old. “Slayter has needed some TLC for a long time”, says Dr. Laurel Kennedy, who is also impatient for the construction to be finished. Despite this, she remains hopeful, saying “ I believe it’s going to change the feel of A Quad in really positive ways… We haven’t had this kind of space before”.

These aren’t the only renovations being done to Slayter, as many of you have probably already noticed, the fourth floor of Slayter has been redone as well as the addition of gender- neutral bathrooms throughout the building. The renovation of fourth floor has been greatly appreciated by the many students that use the area as a study space.

Another big construction project taking place on campus is the building of the Michael D. Eisner Center for the Performing Arts, which is scheduled to be completed by March of 2019. Named after former Chair and CEO of the Walt Disney Corporation as well as Denison alum, Michael Eisner, will serve as Denison’s new performing arts building thanks to a five million- dollar grant from the Eisner Foundation.   

While all the construction taking place on campus can be pesky and tedious to navigate around, it is important to remind ourselves that it also serves as a representation of the exciting changes we have yet to see and the endless possibilities it will bring to Denison.