On 9/11 2018 at 5:45 a.m., a fully dressed firefighter entered a gym to get on a stair stepper. According to CBS news, Lezlie Bauler climbed 110 steps on stair steppers at a local gym to honor his brothers and sisters who had fallen on that day. Soon after, he went viral with 150,000 shares and counting, jumpstarting a trend that motivated firefighters all over to head to gyms and people to support.  

As part of remembering 9/11, Denison Campus Association (DCA) hosted their annual 9/11 service event. Students and staff gathered and took part in activities planned to give back to friends and families who lost loved ones, and veterans who served that day. The event involved making packed lunches for veterans and writing thank you letters to deployed troops, veterans, recruits, and first responders. The assembly line of food stretched across the first floor of Slayter Union.

“We have volunteers and DCA members that came out and helped us make lunches for the veterans,” said Laura Robinson ‘19, from Denver, Colorado. It was great to see the turnout as students worked diligently making lunches. It shows how much this campus cares for those who suffered a loss that day, and how they as individuals recognize the severity of the events that occurred that day.

Students who wanted to express gratitude to American heroes had the opportunity write thank you letters, as a way to communicate with the heroes. By reaching out to currently employed and veteraned soldiers, people are able to have an impact on their lives and show to them that their nation is truly grateful for their individual service and sacrifice.  

Events like these show all those who attend how this day effects every member of this country. Students commented on how it was nice to see such a turnout at an event supporting such a universal cause. “It’s nice to see people come out and serve, this event is so down to earth and humbling,” said Tarma Obeng ‘21 a native from Columbus, OH.

The community came together and demonstrated the power of people working together to accomplish a goal.“This event is a great way to see how involved and helpful our community is,” said Johanna Izoteco ‘21 from Highwood, IL.

Although DCA’s 9/11 service was a success, some students argue that Denison does not do enough on 9/11. “I know that many speakers come to Denison about various subjects, but it would be nice to have someone come in for today and talk about their experience or how 9/11 affected them. Perhaps we could open up dialogues with students about their experiences too,” said Lexie Seward ‘19 from Bloomingdale, IL.

Overall the Denison community recognizes the tragic events of 9/11, and expresses support for those who struggle on this date, along with taking action to show America’s strength and unbreakable motivations to move forward and grow stronger as a nation. America has come to remember 9/11 as a day that made the U.S strong because people refused to let terror take hold, people dared to help each other in any way they could. It is a day to remember as American people come together in a time of crisis, to support one another.