Your vote matters.

On Friday, October 5, the Denison Democrats hosted an event that encouraged  Denison students to vote along with spread awareness around the importance for young people to register. They brought out local candidates as a means of stirring publicity and attention towards this event as the deadline to register to vote was yesterday. The countdown to vote begins now.

There was a table set up outside of Slayter accompanied by the former governor of Ohio, Ted Strickland. At this table sat motivated individuals with registration papers ready for anyone passing by to fill out and get registered.

The event showed just how easy it is to get your voice can be heard by the government, and having Ted Strickland there affirmed that the people we elect into office are working to be hands on with their constituents.

This event not only gets people registered but instills a sense of urgency in Denisonians to get involved in political issues, especially local politics.

There seems to be a lack of awareness about the significance of local elections. These are the people that are going to be deciding on issues that directly affect students and the surrounding community.

The message was clear: it is paramount we all register to vote, no matter what political party we align with, and vote this coming November.  

The event also stressed the importance of early voting. Organizations, such as the Denison Democrats and College Republicans, are offering to drive people out to the Licking County Board of Elections.

There will be a bus and get a bunch of people together to go and vote early. Not only will this will ensure a lot of young people’s votes, but it will also foster a community of motivated and inspired individuals.

This event may have been a small table set outside Slayter for two hours, but the spirit of the event represents something much larger. Whether or not you are satisfied or dissatisfied with the current political climate, apathy is our greatest enemy.

Many want to prove the dried out and overused stereotype that Millennials and Generation Z have that we won’t go out and vote. It’s been a long battle getting every group of people the right to vote. This is how we get our voices heard.