It is the golden ticket of Denison, and it is not easy to get your hands on it.

That’s because it is not uncommon for students on a weekday to wake up earlier than usual and run to Slayter to secure this semester’s coveted sushi roll. This month, Slayter is taking it one step further and instituting a sushi bar in place of the seasonal stations.

As of October 9, Slayter will see the bar serving rolled sushi, poke bowls and rice bowls. By the week after, donburi and ramen bowls will join the equation. It is run by Sushi with Gusto, affiliates of Bon Appetit’s parent group: Compass Group USA, and will offer made to order rolls. Some upcoming sushi rolls include the Chef’s Special with imitation crab and shrimp ($8.99), a shrimp, avocado, and crab inari ($6.99) and the Chef’s Special with just imitation crab ($7.99.)

This past Monday, Sushi with Gusto served sushi samples in Slayter to stir more anticipation.

In reaction, Mark Reid ‘21, International Studies and Environmental Studies major said, “I think it’s great that they’re offering sushi. Everyone seems really excited about it. It’s only 11a.m. and people are eating it.”

The offering of samples saw crowds form as students wanted to take advantage of the free snack.

Jay Trainer, director of operations of Bon Appetit, said, “It will gradually build over the next few weeks to become a full operating station. We’re happy that we’ve found this group who can come in and do a great job with sushi.”

The prepackaged sushi in the refrigerated section will no longer be offered at the expense of the fresh sushi being made onsite.

Libby Beach ‘20, a political science major from Akron, Ohio, said, “I think it’s great that Bon Appetit is listening to what students want and implementing it. It’s so exciting to have more healthy options in Slayter.”

The sushi bar will be open Monday through Friday for lunch and dinner and is one of many upcoming offerings by Bon Appetit. Just last week, pop ups appeared around unexpected spots on campus. Candied apples were served outside Olin and Korean street tacos were served outside Huffman.