‘Republican’ has become such a “trigger word” in today’s pop-culture society. All the negative attention that gets brought on the “fascists” and the “authoritarians” that make up the Republican Party has driven America’s youth to despise the party of President Trump. However, this is a grave mistake. For as much as the Democrats claim all Republicans hail the “authoritarian despot,” it’s simply false. I’m a Republican because I believe it is conservative principles and policy that will ultimately lead to a better America.

How is it that someone could support the party that the media paints with ‘isms? Aren’t all Republicans inherently racist, homophobic, sexist, etc? This is far from the truth and in reality, it is the Republican Party that led to many of our progressive policies in human rights reformation.

For a political party as ready to point the racism finger as the Democrats, they seem to forget their own history. Republican Booker T. Washington was called out by Democratic Senator Bill Tillman for dining with Republican President Teddy Roosevelt.

Tillman said, “Now that Roosevelt has eaten with that n***** Washington, we shall have to kill a thousand n****** to get them back in their place.”

Progressive Margaret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood) sought to exude her racist views with her “Negro Project.” This was aimed at lowering and killing the black population.

Almost every segregation law was passed by Democratic legislatures, signed by Democratic governors, and other heads. It was literally made and sustained by Democrats.

FDR excluded blacks from most of the New Deal legislation and blocked anti-lynching legislation. FDR’s closest ally, Theodore Bilbo, D.C.’s leader, is quoted to have said, “The n***** would never vote in Washington. …… if we gave ’em the right to vote up there, half the n****** in the South will move to Washington and we’ll have a black government.”

According to the Office of War Information, FDR actually praised Mussolini in the 1930’s, who in turn considered FDR to be a fantastic fascist.

The king of racism himself, Lyndon Johnson, saw the Civil Rights Act as a means to “keep the n****** down on the Democratic plantation.”

Democratic President Harry S. Truman was an alleged member of the KKK and Woodrow Wilson, another Democrat, showed the KKK propaganda film “Birth of a Nation” at the White House.

Why do I share these? To badmouth the Democrats? No. The purpose is to showcase that the history of intense ‘isms in America transcends and sort of political affiliation. I support the Republicans because the core of the party’s ideology is that labels society places on you don’t matter and the only thing that matters is the character of self and the determination to succeed. The Democrats rely on identity politics to make members of minority communities a political tool, that they can exploit for votes to stay in power.

For example, the cities with the highest homelessness population: New York City 76,501, Los Angeles 55,188, Seattle 11,643, Washington D.C. 7,473, San Jose 7,394, San Francisco 6,858, Philadelphia 5,693 are all under decades of Democratic leadership, because their policies time and time again drown their own supporters as a way of keeping them from success and almost bribing them for their votes with entitlement programs to keep them barely afloat.
Republicans do not support a strong federal government. We believe that the communities are best equipped to decide what will benefit them the most. Not the federal government. As diverse of a country as we are, Democrats try harder and harder to strengthen the federal government and implement policy that affects everyone the exact same way, regardless of diversity. People from different areas in the nation want different things. People in Tuscaloosa want different policy than those in San Francisco, and they vote accordingly. For a party that relies on diversity and embracing your labels, they almost choke the very concept and mold all of diversity into one identical ideology and party affiliation.

If the social labels matter so much to the Democrats then why was it that the Republican Party had the most diverse race of Presidential Candidates in US history? Because the party is racist or sexist? Or because people have started to realize that if they truly want to succeed in life, they need to work to achieve that success and don’t let their labels be a distraction along the way.

I’m a Republican, and while our party isn’t perfect, I’m proud to support the conservative movement.