Another year, another series of calls to boycott the NFL from old, white Trump-supporting men who refuse to drink tap water due to not wanting to be under communist mind control. However, week one of the NFL brought many more controversies than being allowed to practice the first amendment during the National Anthem.

To give a little context to this article, I’m from Pittsburgh originally. I was wrapped in a Terrible Towel when I was born. I’ve met Ben Roethlisberger numerous times. I’m a die hard Steelers fan. However, with that comes the scandalous Le’Veon Bell drama of him refusing to play because the Steelers won’t bankrupt their entire organization to pay him. But where I’d like to direct my sports anger is at the actual NFL, not all of the side drama that plagues the league like a “Men Tell All” episode of “The Bachelorette.”

As a Steelers fan, you become accustomed to having a guaranteed two wins a season, and that would be against the Cleveland Browns. This is a team that hasn’t acquired a single ‘win’ in nearly two whole years.

However, due to some inclement weather and well, bad play, the Steelers ended up in a tie with Cleveland to open the season. Not only is this a major embarrassment to a fan who’s team rarely loses, but also just frustrates both fan bases involved.

Basically, if an NFL game goes into overtime, there is 10 minutes for a team to try to score, and if at the end of the 10 minutes no team has scored, it’ll end in a tie. And that is exactly what happened on that sad, cold, rainy afternoon on September 9th.

Why, why, why are games allowed to end in a tie? In baseball you see games go into at times 12-15 innings, yet a football game can just end in a draw. What’s the point in that? It just messes with the standings and records and makes the entire league a mess. The NFL has already become a flag football league, and then they limit gameplay to ensure that their fans, some of who only go to church on Sunday’s to pray for a “Stillers” win.

Obviously, Roger Goodell doesn’t care about the fan-opinion, considering he’s still commissioner of the NFL even though its become a meme to boo him off stage everytime he speaks. I will never understand why he and the other NFL executives make the rules they do to severely hinder the game.

Yeah, maybe I’m a salty Steelers fan who’s sad his team basically lost to a team that’s had more starting quarterbacks in the past few years than years I’ve been alive. But you know what, I’ll gladly sit back with my famous Pittsburgh Primanti’s sandwich watching the NFL cave in on itself with it’s ridiculous rules and regulations that truly ruin the game.

Hey NFL, yinz need help!