Chloe: My favorite costume that I wore was when I was a cube or a “square.” I wore one of the big child’s toy tents that was shaped as a cube and put it over my outfit that resembled a stereotypical nerd– glasses with tape, tie, high rise pants, etc. I told people I was a square because that is another word for nerd. It was a nice play on words, which makes me more of the nerd, but I was proud of it. I also want to give an honorable mention to Casey and my costume last year. She was the sun and I was the moon, so together we were the eclipse.

Casey: My favorite costume, and hear me out, was when I was a sac in middle school. I reached the age where it starts to get tricky in picking a costume, so when my friend pitched the idea to me of being a sac with her, I said absolutely. Just to give you some visuals, I was a bright green one-piece of really stretchy fabric. That’s really all there is to it and honestly I’m laughing while typing this, but it was a solid costume all around.

Nathaniel: I’d say my favorite costume is probably when I dressed up as a “chick magnet” in grade school. I took a cheap shirt and stapled a bunch of “peeps” on it – the marshmallow cakes that are shaped like little chicks. I carried around a giant magnet in addition to that and thought it was a clever pun for a costume. Generally, “chick magnet” was a 90’s slang term relating to a guy who was a bit of a womanizer. However, I took it in a much more literal sense of the word and the parents all thought it was funny and creative. However, I have to say my fleece cat onesie I wore last year definitely was a good one as well, as it’s comfortable, functional, and just all around adorable!

Liz: My favorite costume was an iconic Belle from Beauty and the Beast from during my childhood. There’s such good memories that are related to this costume, one is of me, sitting on the front porch with my older brother, William, shoving Kit Kats into my mouth. My boxer, Lucy, ran between us sitting next to each other and chocolate was knocked from my hand, smearing onto my brother’s face. I still have a photo of this occurrence — my mother thought it would be better to document the incident rather than trying to actually wipe my brother’s face off.. Oh, the good old days.

Joey: I’m gonna cheat. Rather than just pick one costume… I’ll pick a theme. There was a string of 4 straight years where my neighbor and I just happened to pick the same costume. Seeing each other while trick or treating was always really cool because we would realize that we had gone as the same thing. We didn’t talk to each other, but we ended up wearing the same thing. One year it was baseball players, then, in order, Indiana Jones, football players and finally Luke Skywalker.

Isabella: My hands down favorite Halloween costume has been Elaine Benes from Seinfeld. I did a really terrible job trying to execute it. I wore a long grey dress and teased my hair too much that three people asked me if I was a witch from the 70s.