When you pick up the campus newspaper, what are you hoping to find? For us, The Denisonian is often a place to express our thoughts and opinions with intention to create awareness and build community. Through articles as straightforward as a sports report or as complicated as controversial policy changes, we hope to be a place you see yourselves and the things you care about represented.

We want to represent what goes on around campus, but more than that we want the newspaper to be an inclusive group where people of all backgrounds can share their stories and opinions. We believe the articles that break news are just as important as the ones highlighting a professor or what interesting activity another organization is up to any given day.

On top of written articles, we love to incorporate photos into the paper. Pictures have just as much power as words do to convey an important message or story. We also think it is very important to represent students, faculty, organizations and events through images, especially because Denison is such a diverse place with a wide array of interests. Additionally, we’ve been having more fun so far this year in terms of including more creative pieces, such as crosswords and comics.

The newspaper is also archived in the library, which means these stories live on as long as Denison does. Someone can come back in 10, 100 or 1,000 years and see what D-Day artist was brought back in the 2000’s. It is not just being a part of history, it is being apart of your history.

Following the trends of this day and age, we also see the value in publishing our content online. Apart from the library’s archives, we believe in strengthening our presence online through our social media pages. If something urgent or interesting needs to reach our audience, we hope online platforms are helpful in getting the word out.

In 2018, there is a notion that the newspaper is “dying.” We at The Denisonian hope that even if that occurs in the country, we can be around forever. The importance of journalism and especially print journalism cannot be overstated, so our goal is to be a consistently strong news source for the Denison community.

We will continue doing the best we can to inform and entertain our readership. Whether it be news stories, statistics, sports updates, events, photo essays or comics, our aim is to provide this campus with interesting and relevant content.

And perhaps most importantly, we hope to serve as a platform for Denison students to speak out on issues they feel passionately about. It isn’t easy for everyone to voice their opinions and concerns, but our newspaper and publications around the world give people the chance to have their voices heard.