Ever wonder what happens on campus when (nearly) no one’s around? Some international students that stay on campus over break share their Thanksgiving break plans while they stayed at Denison for the week.

Sarah Moon ’22

Major: Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

What they did: I cooked for myself. I couldn’t go to Easton or anything because I don’t have a car and a lot of my friends are international students who can’t drive as well. So, I did my homework, studied for finals and went to Mitchell to exercise. I wish I had signed up for the Host Family matchup but maybe next year.

Nacho De La Torre ’22

Major: Biochemistry

Hometown: Madrid, Spain

What they did: I caught up on my work, and spent most of the break with my host family. They are great people. I loved having dinner with them and we went out during the week to places like Easton.

Rahul Shrestha ’21

Major: Physics and Math

Hometown: Bharatpur, Nepal

What they did: If you stay on campus for Thanksgiving, the dining halls are closed. So, you have to walk all the way over to Granville Market, buy groceries and cook for yourself. And, right after Thanksgiving there are a lot of tests and projects due, so I worked on those and did homework like always. It really went by in a snap.

Elsie Bunyan ’21

Major: Biology

Hometown: Accra, Ghana

What they did: I slept! I went down to Granville, got dinner at Dragon Village and went to the bike trail. I went to Easton, spent some time hanging out with friends and watched some movies.