Haven’t had a flatbread from The Nest during your time at Denison yet? Well, you may be in luck this semester.

If you’re a First-Year then the chances are you have never experienced the savory, made-to-order flatbread that you can find in one spot and one spot only: The Nest.

Located on the third floor of Slayter and open seven days a week from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m., The Nest is bringing back their famous flatbread. That’s right — the same flatbreads that along with everything from The Bandersnatch, contribute to the dreaded freshman 15.

Everything is good in moderation, though. Right? The correct answer here is “yes,” and here’s why you need to make a late-night trip to find out exactly what is behind all of the hype.

Jay Trainer is the Director of Operations for Bon Appetit, or as Denison students know it, Denison Dining.

Trainer discusses the state of the menu in addition to bringing back The Nest’s  flatbreads this semester.

“We switched last fall to quesadillas and street tacos for a change of pace. We knew we wanted it to be heartier in the winter which is why we are going back to the flatbreads. We also added subs and mac and cheese,” Trainer says.

Apparently it didn’t take too long for news about the new menu to spread around the hill because 250 student swipes were counted on the night of Friday, February 1.

Trainer and his Bon Appetit team recognize how difficult it is to keep students engaged. He admits it’s “one of the hardest parts of college dining,” to accommodate the wants and needs of a student population eating the same food on a regular basis.

The Nest is one piece to Bon Appetit’s plan of offering a wide range of tasty late-night food options for students at Denison. We’re all familiar with Slayter pop-ups and The Bandersnatch, but what we might not recognize is how much thought and effort goes into the selection of some these food options.

“When we try to come up with items, we look to augment what’s missing for late-night options on campus and the flatbreads were a big piece of that,” said Trainer.

Trainer also wants students to know that last semester’s quesadillas from The Nest will be offered at the slayter pop-ups this semester due to the positive feedback from students last fall.

The Nest and Bon Appetit are doing more than revamping their menu. On the topic of growing their relationships with organizations around campus, Trainer comments, “We’re always looking to connect with organizations and help them promote their events. We are more than happy to do specials that would help promote those events.”

The Nest is the best place on campus to go for fresh, made-to-order food along with a great view. Their menu aims to accommodate the entire community and offers gluten free crust and pita bread for vegans.

But don’t take my word for it — try it out for yourself! Stay tuned throughout the semester for special flatbreads, subs and more!