During our undergraduate years, it is a time to work towards our future.

While academics is the primary motivation towards success, another important aspect is students acquiring internships. Now if you’re like most students on campus, the chances are pretty high that you do not have an internship lined up for the summer or have not really pursued any internships.

Luckily, The Knowlton Center, which is located within Burton Morgan Hall is a great campus resource to utilize if you are struggling to find an internship or want a job lined up over the summer break. The Knowlton Center has a very firm system they and the school believe in.

First, you will build your resume with peer advisors within The Knowlton Center. Generally, you construct a good resume to be able to send off to the places you’re going to be looking at for jobs,

Second, students are given the opportunity to meet one on one with career coaches. These are coaches specifically chosen for each individual student based on their interests, limitations, and future goals. Here the students can meet and figure out in a more intimate setting exactly how to get the internship you are most interested in or the one that will help you most in the future.

Afterward, you have to apply for jobs! The Knowlton Center has great resources for job hunting with the platform Handshake. Handshake is a job searching platform that allows for Denison alumni and staff to post job openings specific to Denison students. In addition, The Knowlton Center’s new social media program Wisr, is officially a year old and already 1,808 students and alumni are active on the service, with 626 of them being students. Wisr is Denison’s specific LinkedIn. You connect with alumni and other students to find jobs and connections through them. While Wisr hasn’t taken off as drastically as expected, over 40 students have found work through this service. It is definitely a new and exciting resource that Denison students should fully adopt.

So, you’ve gotten your internship, but it’s out of state. Chances are the internship is unpaid too. What are you supposed to do? Not accept the job? No, and The Knowlton Center is the very resource you need if you find yourself needing assistance with an internship.

The process is relatively straightforward. There is an application on Handshake for a grant to support the internship. Once the form is submitted the career coaches look over it and ask for an interview with you. After the interview is over the career coaches look over your request and financial aid status, and decide how much will be allotted to you over the summer. The requests can be as high as $4,000 for the summer, depending on need.

When in doubt, The Knowlton Center has your back. The office is there to help students become more career ready and they will be your one-stop shop for an internship towards your future.