Denison is a college with people from many different backgrounds. Although there isn’t a “right way” to be guided through social life at this small liberal arts college on the hill, here are some tips from the staff about how to navigate Denison’s social agenda while trying to balance schoolwork and sleep.

We won’t be the first people to encourage you not to succumb to peer pressure, and we likely won’t be the last. The point here is that there are so many different ways to get to know each other at a school like Denison. While the countless options may at times feel overwhelming, the upside is that there’s bound to be something for everyone. Our advice? Be patient while finding your group.

First-years, we see you. Generally, the friends you make during your first few weeks on the Hill during Aug-O won’t be the only ones you exchange Instagram handles with during your time here at Denison. Not exactly clicking with the people you’re currently hanging out with? No need to fear! Even as we move past the halfway mark of the school year, if you’re a first-year, chances are your closest friends are still in store. And while you may stay in touch with your Aug-O buddies, the endless list of campus clubs and organizations vying for your participation ensures that there’s always a way to meet new people.

At The Denisonian, some of our closest friends and acquaintances-turned-partners-in-late-night-Slayter-runs have come from the organizations we were drawn to on our own. Whether that be Greek life, C3 organizations, or even The Denisonian, strong friendships develop through the interests and values we bring to the table, to share and pursue as members of these clubs.

As for the rest of us, one of the difficult things about Denison is admittedly, the lack of things to do during the weekends. If you’re not  constant opportunity to socialize in new ways. If you prefer to stay in, some student organizations hold events in the evenings that beckon with off-campus food and uncommon activities.

There’s even a wide selection of DVDs to rent from the library to spice up your next common room movie night, believe it or not. Netflix and chill? Why not rent a DVD player and movie from the library and have a night you’ll never forget. Or, if you’re feeling especially ambitious, you can pop a film in the Slayter Auditorium for an authentic movie theater experience, complete with popcorn from Slayter market.

But let’s get real. A common narrative on campus is that the only way to really be social on the weekends is to head to the Sunnies. It’s true, the senior apartments are a surefire way to find rooms packed on a Saturday night. The liquid courage never hurts (if you’re over 21), and colorful memories are sure to ensue. But what about when the beat drops too hard and you’re over the vibe? Or if the Sunnies simply aren’t your thing?

All jokes and, few people would disagree that friends make a world of difference here at Denison. Whatever they look like, however you meet them, we’re all just looking for someone to share a Bandersnatch bagel with at the end of a long week of class and overcommitment. Don’t be afraid to branch out, and try involvement in groups and clubs that take you out of your comfort zone, but we’d also suggest being honest, and setting aside that good old fear of rejection to reach out to someone you think you might get along with.

Some of the best nights at Denison come when you stay in with friends. Whether it’s watching a movie, testing your reflexes in FIFA, just talking about life, or even braving the party scene; just being with good friends is the guaranteed equation for memories you’ll remember for life.