Polarization is nothing new in America.

Month after month, year after year, we hear stories about fighting within political parties, the lack of communication across the aisle and the outright hatred opposing belief systems have for one another. This was brought to a head with President Trump’s historic victory in 2016 and his subsequent nomination of two controversial right wing Supreme Court justices.

I could easily write an article about the President and my disappointment with much of what’s been going on within this administration and Congress, but that’s irrelevant at this point. President Trump has done as good of a job as he can, considering the considerable animosity the media and left wing political “gurus.”

What I’d rather focus on is the continuous partisanship SCOTUS has been falling into along with the rest of the government. The Supreme Court was established with attempts to take partisanship out of politics and have intelligent individuals who were “above party lines” to make decisions on the law. This isn’t the case, as SCOTUS has become a pit of partisan politics and party lines. Nine unelected justices get to decide the law of the land, yet are bound by their political parties’ beliefs.

The ruling this past week is an emphasis on this break down of the Supreme Court. SCOTUS ruled 5-4 to allow for President Trump’s transgender military ban to take effect and they wouldn’t decide on it and let the lower courts figure it out. This is troubling for numerous reasons. First off, it shows a lack of morality and humanity in 2019, doing absolutely nothing to promote equality and justice in the land of freedom and opportunity. This is a stab in the back to all of the brave transgender men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice in the name of American freedom and yet, they no longer will be represented if this goes forward. We pride ourselves on being a country of tolerance and inclusivity, yet the United States is also not at all shy about showing how accepting we as a society  are of those who society considers different.

Whether that be race, gender, religion, or sexuality, the United States has become a bastion of ignorance and betrayal. Why are Republicans hell-bent on expanding the world’s largest military, while limiting the size based on prejudice masked by disillusion? Why are Democrats not upset about this or any other human rights related issue until election season begins? Why are politicians on both sides of the aisle ignorant of the real issues marginalized groups in this country face daily, yet exploit those same issues when it comes to running for an election? Now I by no means am capable of speaking on behalf of a marginalized community. As a heterosexual, cisgendered, white male, I’m incapable of being able to feel what they feel and know the pain and suffering that they put up with. However, at the same time I know what exploitation looks like and can see someone who doesn’t care about other people’s well-being looks like and that is apparent in the United States government.

SCOTUS is but a microcosm of what our government has slipped into. Gone are Washington’s remarks on the dangers of parties and here are the results. SCOTUS has put partisan beliefs in front of humanity and have allowed for the active discrimination against transgender soldiers. This is but another step in the discriminatory nature of the government and the inability to truly have marginalized communities best interests in mind.

It is time for the United States to stand up against ignorance and finally give every person the tools necessary to succeed in life. The United States needs to stand up against exclusionary policy and put an end to discriminatory practices that history has been filled of. It is truly time for all people to be created equal, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.