The squash team has been trying to reach new heights as they try to go from being a club sport to a full varsity team.

Squash is a sport played in a four walled court. There are either two players in singles matches or four players in doubles. The players hit a small, hollow rubber ball back and forth to each other off the walls. The team first formed at Denison in 1994 and is now as solid as ever.

With the men’s team winning the Chaffee Cup in 2015, a title won by the top team in Division “E” and the growth of the women’s team, Denison squash is ready for the next level.

“The Denison Squash team has been elevated to a new level this year. Being a club squash team, practices are usually relaxed in comparison to other sports. This year we have a new coach, Pam Anckermann, who is trying to take the team to the varsity level,” said Zoe Pearce ‘20, an English major and member of the squash team.

Coach Anckermann is just looking forward to being able to work with her new players.

“I feel so fortunate to have been chosen to lead the men’s and women’s squash program at Denison, and I can’t wait to start this season,” said Pamela Anckermann, the new squash coach as of August.

With the new coach comes a new intensity.

“Players have committed themselves to practices five days a week to stay in the best shape for matches and tournaments. The dedication that the team has is fully present this year,” said Pearce.

Squash is growing here at Denison and worldwide. This year the men’s program finished ranked as the 36th program in the nation, showing their improvement. Squash was a sport created in the 1830s, and now is being lobbied to be an Olympic sport for the 2024 games.

The Dension Squash team has plans for the future of the program as well. Pearce mentions that Denison Squash plans on increasing involvement by reaching out to potential freshman interested in playing squash at the university level.

The team has had issues in the past with finding consistent players, but this year the they were able to obtain an impressive amount of freshman in the fall.

“The women’s team has had a hard time in tournaments this year, but we have gotten extremely close. The men’s team is amazing and has done very well in tournaments. We are a family and want everyone to do well!” said Maddie Kaufman ‘22, an undecided major from Scarsdale, NY.

There seems to be a good things in store for the squash team in the future here at Denison University as squash grows world wide.