LAURA LAPHAM — The Preston House, the language learning house here at Denison, hosted an event to spread more information about modern China. There are many different stereotypes about China here in the US, so the event was to help correct any misconceptions, and to show the beauty of growing modern China. Hosted by GCC, Global China Connection, supported by the modern language department and sponsored by the Foresman Fund, the event was open to students and faculty to attend last Saturday.

The program was hosted by the Global China Connection. The program started in 2008 with university students and young professionals of all nationalities being able to connect with the emerging China. The program it meant to foster international connections between Chinese and non-Chinese university students. Here on campus the GCC organization partnered with the World Language department to help promote the events about modern China.

There were different activities starting with a presentation of modern China and a discussion on Chinese stereotypes. The students went around and asked different Americans what Stereotypes there were of China, and their presentation focused on the truth in contrary to the Stereotype. There was a dinner including different crafts like Chinese paper cutting and a simplified Chinese knot tying for participants to enjoy. There was a presentation on the different kinds of tea from China and a table where students were taught how to write their name in Chinese.

Many different students and faculty attended the program at the Preston house of Sunday. Dr. Ramiro Garcia-Olano, a Visiting Assistant Spanish Professor, also attend the program on Sunday. “Nothing transforms you as much as learning another language. I can’t think of another experience that will open you mind as much to learn another language. I came here hoping to learn more about Chinese and China. Expanding my horizons.”

Xiaotong Yang ‘22 from Suzhou China, math major and Yuchen Hua ‘21 from Suzhou china a data analytics major, year 2021 both are members of the GCC, and they helped organize the event at the Preston House on Sunday. They described the program’s purpose as”to inform Americans what modern China looks like, and to clarify the stereotypes of chinese people, and to know.a little bit more about our culture.”

One of the faculty members Dr. Yumei Wu is a foreign language teaching assistant, FLTA, who is part of the Visiting Scholar fulbright program. “This is a really wonderful opportunity for people of different culture to learn and communicate with each other. GCC collaborated with us, so people could learn about chinese culture and to overcome stereotypes.”

The event was a good informative way to introduce students here at Denison to more aspects of the Chinese culture. The Preston house and the GCC host more events throughout the semester, so keep an eye out for more events ahead.