At the Mitchell center on campus, numerous students are employed to help the different facilities run smoothly. From gym desk staff and spin instructors to lifeguards, there are multiple jobs offered to students.

Student Jack Woolcott ‘21, a global commerce major, works in the equipment room helping various teams keep their uniforms and other practice materials organized.

Jack spoke a little bit about what his position as a worker in the equipment room entails.  

He stated, “I’m in charge of helping out all sports teams with their equipment, like uniforms, cleats, pads, etc.

This year I worked a lot with the football team’s equipment, in fixing broken helmets, pads, and other pieces of equipment.

I also do the athletes laundry at night.”

He continued, “I’m usually used as a handyman back in the equipment room.

I put up the tennis nets, set up the bleachers for home basketball games, along with helping move equipment on the pool deck and Deed’s field.”

Jack also talked about how he found this specific job in Mitchell.

“My sister was actually working in the equipment room before me so that’s how I heard about it and I signed up for it at the Aug-O involvement fair.

I got an Interview with JR Hammond, the head of the equipment room, and started working for him the next week,” Jack said.

In addition to the logistics of the position, Jack spoke about all the benefits he receives due to the position, along with what he enjoys most about the job.

“I really enjoy working at Mitchell because I get to meet all the people who run the Mitchell Center effectively and get to stay around sports and meet the athletes that have problems with their gear.

It’s also good motivation for me to work out as the equipment room is right next to the Crown Fitness Center.

Throughout working at Mitchell I get to see and hear a lot about Denison’s Sports history, how Mitchell has grown throughout the years, and what’s in store for it in the years to come,” Jack said.

Although the job overall is a good experience, Jack was able to pinpoint some of his favorite memories from the equipment room.  

He said, “I actually have two favorite memories from the job.

The first happened last semester when the football team beat #22 ranked Wabash at home.

I was working with JR on the sidelines and he told me before the game started if Denison won, he would hire me to work all the football games with him next year and my senior year.

He also said I’d even get to travel with the team to away games.

My other favorite memory actually happened last week, when JR and I were setting up the trophy case.

I got to hold the first ever Denison NCAA title from 1992 (I believe), won by our women’s swim and dive team.

It was cool to see how the NCAA Championship trophy has changed over the past decades.”

If you’re interested in working in the equipment room down at Mitchell, you may have to be a little patient, as they aren’t currently hiring.

However, they always need new people come the end of the semester.

“We are currently not hiring anyone right now but expect openings at the end of the year and beginning of next year.

But I truly love spending time with the people who work back there with me.

If I’m ever having a hard day or am in a bad mood someone working or JR will always cheer me up.

We’re like a big family back there. I don’t see my job as work I see it as family time.

And I’ll be sad when my sister graduates and I can’t work with her anymore,” Jack said.

Working in Mitchell is a great opportunity for many reasons.

If you are interested in potentially applying for a job, check out the job listings page on MyDenison for more information.