KATIE KERRIGAN & JAX PREYER — D-day is back! Ella Mai was the scheduled D-day performer in November but was canceled in light of the tragedy that struck campus.  It was decided that the event would instead take place on Saturday, March 2.

On February 21, it was announced via social media that rapper B.o.B. and  musician Noname will be headlining.

The Campus Leadership and Involvement Center (CLIC), as well as the University Programming Council, are the ones behind this great lineup.

D-day stands for “Denison Day.” D-Day is when the university puts on a concert for the students featuring an artist that is kept secret until just before the performance.

In the past, D-Day was a secret to all and with the announcement of the concert, classes were canceled also.

This performance is free for students, faculty, and staff, with the presentation of a Denison ID card being necessary for admittance.

The performance is also open to guests of Denison students for $20 to be paid upon entry. The doors will open at 9:30 p.m. at the Mitchell Center.

B.o.B. is an American rapper from Georgia, who is best known for his songs “Airplanes” and “Magic”.

“Airplanes” was a 2010 hit that he did in collaboration with singer Hayley Williams, which was quickly followed by his hit single, “Magic.”

While he has been on the down-low since 2015, he just recently started promoting the “flat earth” campaign.  To explain his views B.o.B. wrote and recorded the song “Flatline.” He has claimed in the past via Twitter that his label, Atlantic Records is responsible for his decline in popularity and lackluster social media presence. “When people say I’m ‘under-rated’ [sic] ‘slept-on’…it’s not entirely the case”, said the rapper in December of 2015, “suppressed’ is a better word”. “They boycott me, they are afraid I’ll get too much exposure.”

The other headliner, Noname, is a rapper from Chicago, Illinois.

Born as Fatimah Nyeema Warner, she grew up writing poems, which then turned into slam poetry performances and evolved into songwriting. She began her stardom in 2013 for her appearance on Chance The Rapper’s track “Lost” which was on his album “Acid Rap.” During this cameo, she was known by the stage name “Noname Gypsy,” but changed it a few years later as to not offend Romani people.

Under her new name, she released her own mixtape in 2016 entitled “Telefone.” 2 years later she released her first album entitled “Room 25,” which received universal acclaim.

Denison students are very excited to have this year’s D-day not only return, but return in style with well known and dynamic artists.