ANDI ZUCCHI — RED (Research. Engagement. Design.) Corps  is a student organization working to improve campus life for everyone and they are now taking applications! If interested, there is an online link for application that can found on MyDenison or by emailing Laurel Kennedy.

According to Morgan Hogenmiller ‘19, “in RED Corps we work to assess how students want changes to be made at Denison.” RED Corps works to look for ways to improve retail, wellness, and social spaces on campus. The responsibilities of being part of RED Corps involve gathering students’ input on campus developments and analyzing the responses received. After analysis, RED Corps members take the information to the administration and the Board of Trustees.

“I joined RED Corps because I saw it as an opportunity to be involved in impactful projects on campus in a way that students have not been before,” Hogenmiller said.

Another RED Corps member, Bella Kohrs ‘21 has found involvement in RED Corps to be a great opportunity to expand her social circle at Denison.  

“My favorite part of RED Corps has been becoming so close with our team and getting to engage with all different kinds of people on campus,” Kohrs said. “Many of the people I’ve gotten to talk to are individuals that I otherwise wouldn’t have met and it’s been great to expand my horizons at Denison.” Kohrs also has loved the opportunity to improve Denison for future Denisonians.

At a time when Denison culture and infrastructure is changing, RED Corps is a great opportunity to bring to fruition the areas that you may want to improve on campus. This is exactly why Kohrs wanted to join, as she is passionate about addressing the housing issues on campus.

“I was very interested in improving freshman housing so that everyone, rather than a select group of people, would be able to look back at their first year housing experience and reflect on how it was a good transition into college,” Kohrs said.

According to Hogenmiller, RED Corps is a great way to gain real-world experience, as members are able to design projects and learn to collaborate. So, if you are looking to “have a bigger role in how change is made on campus, like being creative and working with others and want to boost your professional profile, you should absolutely apply!” The application to apply to RED Corps can be found in a February 19, email from Vice-President of Student Development  Dr. Laurel Kennedy.