MAX CURTIN & MARY CLARE EDWARDS — Anything you hear regarding wireless earbuds these days is about AirPods. As things stand currently, it’s not much of a debate. I’m here to tell you why it should be.

Max: BeatsX Wireless Earbuds

I’m a proud owner of BeatsX Wireless Earbuds. I opted to buy my pair this past fall after doing some research, comparing them to AirPods prior to the Apple product blowing up on the internet around the holidays.

The first of the two driving factors in favor of Beats for me are the customizable fitting options. Unlike AirPods, Beats come with a wide range of ear tip options to offer the user optimal comfort when listening to music. With four different sizing options and optional wingtips (great for if you want to use them while running or working out), I would argue that Beats can be customized to fit ears of all shapes and sizes. That’s something you can’t say about AirPods.

My second point in support of Beats has noise-canceling technology. Similar to beats headphones, the sound quality is remarkable and allows you to tune out the rest of the world whenever you need to do so.

Lastly, I want to address two potential shortcomings people may have about Beats, and that is the cord (not truly wireless) and the 8-hour battery life.

The cord truly is a non-issue. It wraps around your neck and doesn’t get in the way. It’s as simple as that. As for the eight-hour battery life, it’s worth mentioning that you are very rarely going to need any more time than eight hours with your earbuds in any given day. But, for those long travel days where you do find you need more battery life, Beats have a fast fuel charging technology that gives you two hours of battery life with just five minutes of charging. Not bad.

Mary Clare: Apple AirPods

I’m a proud owner of Apple AirPods. Unlike Max, I didn’t do research and bought them very spur of the moment this past summer with my roommates. An Apple Store employee watched as one by one our jaws dropped when we tried them out. Working all summer and no sales tax greatly contributed to our decision to purchase them. Trust me, they’re worth it, no matter how much Twitter will make fun of you for it.

The best part about switching from earbuds to AirPods has been the wireless connection. I used to run with earbuds all the time and I would always accidentally yank them out while I was running. There’s nothing worse than trying to find the speakers and put them back into your ears while the treadmill is still running full speed. With AirPods I don’t have to worry about a cord and I’ve never had a problem with them staying in while I run.

Also, I do not miss the days of untangling cords. With AirPods, I quickly grab the case and go. I don’t have to carefully untangle them whenever I walk between classes or in the morning when I’m trying to run out the door.

In addition, Apple promises five hours of battery life with one charge. This is wonderful because I never listen to anything for five hours consecutively. So once I’m done listening, I just place them back in the case. The case itself is a charger that holds 24 hours of charge. I rarely worry about charging my AirPods or my AirPod case. AirPods also charge super quickly; putting AirPods into their case for fifteen minutes will allow for three more hours of listening time.

Furthermore, the connectivity is great. If you connect your AirPods to one device they are automatically connected to every device on your iCloud account.

To put it simply: AirPods are just really convenient. It’s nice to walk in public without a cord dangling and the case easily fits inside of pockets. It’s amazing to be able to charge your phone while listening to music. It’s the best to not have to spend $30 monthly replacing cheap earbuds that died suddenly. AirPods are truly ideal for everyday use.