KATIE KERRIGAN — The Denison Film Society had another successful weekend of movie showings: on Friday and Saturday of this past weekend, they showed Clueless and 10 Things I Hate About You.

Both films are great teen classics but this review focuses on Clueless.

Starring actress Alicia Silverstone, the 1995 film is a rom-com about a very wealthy and popular teen girl living in Beverly Hills. Silverstone plays the main character, Cher, and is accompanied by actress Stacey Dash playing Cher’s best friend, Dionne. The pair, both equally rich, girly and shallow, befriend a tomboy new girl in school named Tai, played by Brittany Murphy.

Throughout the remainder of the film, Cher and Dionne work to give Tai a makeover so she can find love, as well as trying to find love for themselves.

The movie is a classic teen rom-com. It fits the stereotype of a “chick-flick” perfectly. Any high school stereotype that you could ever think of is in this movie.  Paul Rudd as Josh is the “manly” sports guy and as the cute and sweet love interest, appealing to all. Cher is the classic popular, rich, pretty girl with the hottest fashions and the biggest house. Tai is the “outsider” new girl who becomes “in” with the popular students and transforms for them. Cher’s father is a lawyer who is strict and overprotective with his daughter, as all film and television fathers are. There are some other stereotypical kids in the fancy and expensive Beverly Hills school, such as the weed-smoking skateboarder, the smart nerds, and the dorky teacher.

Although it could not be more stereotypical, it is still one of my favorite movies. It has likable characters, a good storyline that isn’t too stereotypical and a killer soundtrack. I think that it was cast very well; Paul Rudd is perfect as the sweet, lowkey, and helpful step-brother. Alicia Silverstone is both beautiful and funny as Cher, portraying the high-school “it” girl perfectly, without overdoing it.

What seems to be a stand-alone rom-com film, Clueless is actually loosely based on Jane Austen’s Emma from 1815. The main character, Emma Woodhouse, considers herself to be a matchmaker, just as Cher does, and they both spend a lot of time trying to match up their friends. The film is the perfect loose adaptation of the traditional book to a contemporary and relatable context.

I recommend Clueless to everyone because it is a classic rom-com that will ensure a good laugh. It is a feel-good film and is one that must be seen during your teens or your twenties.