ANDREA ZUCCHI — LNO, the all-women a capella group on campus, had the opportunity to perform at Mai Chau On Wednesday, April 10.

LNO was asked to perform by Mai Chau and the concert pulled quite the crowd. As a spectator, it was a great chance to eat some delicious food while listening to music.

According to Sara Flatt ‘21, a pre-vet biology major from Wayne, Pennsylvania, the concert was an opportunity for LNO to “perform for the Granville community and broaden the audience”.

Halle Tirsch ‘21, a global commerce major from New York, New York, explained that being asked to perform at Mai Chau was a great way to shake up the normalcy of a cappella concerts, as it was her first experience getting the opportunity to perform at a bar or restaurant. As a performer, Tirsch had a great time stating, “I hope we can participate in more events like this in the future”.

As the concert was off campus, the vibe was very different for both performers and audience members. To Flatt, this is what made the concert unique and as an audience member, I would have to agree. The music matched the low-key atmosphere, and Mai Chau was packed for the duration of the concert.

The selection of songs was perfect for the atmosphere and according to Tirsch, LNO picked songs that they thought audience members would know.

From my perspective, knowing the songs really added to the concert. Everyone sitting around me was responding very well to the song selection.

The event went beyond the music however, as Mai Chau created two specialty drinks just for the event.

The concert truly felt like a collaboration between the restaurant and LNO and was a great way to see a Granville business interact with a Denison club.

In asking about the year for LNO as a whole, Sara Flatt states that the group has, “so much fun together as a group and we’re more than just a group of women singing together”. That bond definitely came through during the concert.

If you missed LNO’s performance at Mai Chau and want to see them before the school year ends, there is still time as LNO has the Virgin concert on April 16, and a senior concert coming at the very end of the semester.