EMMA REID — Pitch perfect may seem far from reality for most college campuses, but not at Denison. What’s more college-like than sitting on a quad filled with hanging trees and unique voices? With only 2,341 students, Denison has a significant number of students that are engaged in a cappella. With auditions currently happening, students are rushing to make it into these top-notch musical groups. 

The four a cappella organizations, Ladies Night Out (LNO), The Denison Hilltoppers, DUwop and Tehillah recently went around campus performing as a way of recruiting future members. Students flooded west and east quad to hear the voices of their peers. 

LNO, the all-female group, is composed of 20 students.  Their devotion to creating music is obvious upon watching these singers. This bunch had 60 people auditioning last year for only five available spots. This year the musical ensemble is only offering three to five spots to new girls. The students in the group become very close through rehearsal and performing. 

“My favorite part is spending time with the people in LNO,” Sophomore Avery McMahon stated. A large component of auditioning for LNO is being the voice they are currently looking for. “It is a matter of pure blending and if their voice fits where we need them,” Sophomore Charlotte Koonce mentioned. 

The Denison Hilltoppers, the male group on campus, are known for their talent and comical style of performing. The musical bunch consists of 12 members, varying throughout all academic years. Seniors, Harrison and Nicholas DeChant are identical twins and both members of the Hilltoppers. The brothers both enjoy the group, but for differing reasons. 

“It’s very fun for me, it’s a good place to relax and it’s a brotherhood. It also involves music which has been crucial to me growing up, so it definitely makes for a fun college experience,” Nicholas DeChant said. 

While Harrison also savors the social aspect, the most gratifying moments for him are “anytime we are able to perform in front of the student body.”

As if there were not already enough talent outlets on campus, DUwop, a co-ed ensemble just wrapped up their auditions for this school year, adding seven new members to the returning thirteen. DUwop is a diverse organization, with students of varying backgrounds and interests coming together. 

“My favorite thing about DUwop is the sense of community it brought me. We are such different people who would not have met otherwise; we all share a love of music and singing. It is incredibly refreshing and therapeutic to meet with them and sing twice a week together,” Sophomore, Casey Land said reflecting upon her freshman year with the musical crew.

The last a cappella group singing across Denison campus is Tehillah. They are a co-ed gospel music ensemble that can be heard from quads away. This chorus is very well respected around campus for their immense sound variety and skill. 

“I love the inclusivity, no matter what religion you practice, you are always welcome in that space. Even though I am personality agnostic, I always feel some sort of presence no matter what we are singing, it is always powerful,” Sophomore Stefanie Rodrigues remarked.

All of these a cappella formations are swiftly guiding their new members and working on mastering new pieces for the first concert of the year taking place during Big Red Weekend, Friday the 27th in Swasey Chapel at 8 PM. No tickets are required for this event and everyone is welcome.