Jack Reaney ’21 and Ally Zimmer ’21 run REM-Den, a student-run furnishing rental start-up.

SAMARA BENZA, Special to The Denisonian—Jack Reaney ‘21 and Ally Zimmer ‘21 are helping students make their beds through a new business called REM-Den: Denison’s student-run furnishing rental service. 

With REM-Den, students can expand the width of their bed from a twin XL sized bed to a 46 inch or full sized bed (54 inches). Made from three layers of comfortable memory foam and no harmful chemicals, this mattress topper not only increases the size and comfort of the school provided bed.

A normal twin XL bed with the REM-DEN mattress toppers added. Photo courtesy of Jack Reaney ’21 and Ally Zimmer ’21.

Zimmer was contacted in January 2019 by Roomie, a national group that provides these bed extension services to colleges and universities all around the country and who wanted to bring their services to Denison. Zimmer recruited Reaney for his help and together they helped create Denison’s branch of Roomie: REM-Den.

This year is a pilot test for REM-Den, so only 40 mattress toppers will be available. One can order the mattress on their website for $350.

“We think this will work because the beds are incredible,” Reaney said. “I have one now, and I’m a non-varsity athlete who struggles with pain and soreness on a daily basis. Sleep is vital for everyone, especially injury-prone people like athletes and stress/anxiety-prone people like the Denison student body.”

Their business also aims saves the environment by trying to reduce waste. At the end of the year, REM-Den will come and take the mattress pad so it stays out of the dumpsters. Zimmer and her team come to your dorm to install the mattress pad for free and there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

Reaney says the process required more steps than they originally thought but it is all part of being an entrepreneur. Reaney and Zimmer instilled the help of the Red Frame Lab and administrators at Denison to make sure REM-Den was ready to be rolled out this fall. 

Zimmer says, “This process has been difficult due to the strict policies Denison has instilled regarding housing, but fulfilling as after months of planning and meetings it has finally been passed.” 

Denison Housing worked with Zimmer and Reaney, “to make sure students will be safe and clean at all times.” The department responded to the Denisonian’s questions in an email. Housing stressed the importance of keeping the dorms in good condition and the department made sure the items are pest and allergen-free.        

Reaney follows up by explaining that when starting a business, nothing will ever go as planned. He advises future entrepreneurs to not “be intimidated by projects like this but realize you’re going to learn a ton.”

Zimmer believes REM-Den is an opportunity to give the students at Denison a better residential experience.

Denison Housing is hoping for the best for REM-Den’s pilot year, saying “We hope the pilot endeavor works well for students, Jack and Ally and look forward to receiving thorough assessment at the end of the year.”

Follow REM-Den on Instagram (@rem.den.furniture) to get more information and to get in contact with Reaney and Zimmer.