The Staff Editorial feature voices from different members on The Denisonian editing staff who have something really, really important they want to say about a certain subject. Topics vary weekly.

Rohan: A real beach with sand! Am I the only one who thought I was going to be living on an actual beach for two years of my college career? When I got here my freshman year and I heard people talking about going at “the beach” the first thought that came to my mind was: how? How can there be a beach in the middle of central Ohio? After careful consideration, I realized I don’t really care if this is possible or not, I just want a real beach instead of “The Beach.”

Zach: Denison needs more locally grown organic weed.  Most of the product that comes to Denison is bulk packaged and grown by big-agriculture from out west in California or Colorado. Whatever happened to supporting your local farmers? If Denison wants to support our central Ohio community we need to put our money where our mouth and mouthpiece are and buy locally sourced and ethically cuntuviuted cannabis. 

Nina: Better showers! The water in bathrooms is just as janky as the water we are forced to ingest. I challenge you to show me a shower on this campus that has: 1. Hot water. 2. Good water pressure. 3. No mold or rust. Can’t do it, can you? Get your water right, Denison.

Devin: Not having to pay for a shuttle to the airport is one of the few things I miss from freshman year.

Sophia: Someone’s gotta say it: social spaces. It’s kind of ridiculous that students are literally taking to the lawns in front campus housing because they have nowhere else to go. From what I know, this is not an issue on most college campuses. I think the problem lies in the fact that our administration tries to micromanage partying when the reality is that college-aged kids are going to drink whether or not they are legally of age. It’s a fact, plain and simple. I do appreciate how the university prioritizes our  safety and is aware of this fact. However, there is only so much that can be done to prevent accidents from happening. 

Liz: Greek people. No, not more greek sororities and fraternities. I’ve been livin’ the greek life since my baptism, baby. Literally, I want baklava all the time but nooooo, there isn’t a “Greek club” or a strong Greek community to reinforce some homemade essentials: spanakopita and some vegetarian moussaka. I guess the feta and spinach stuffed croissant at River Road Coffeehouse is the closest I’m going to get to some quality food.