Artist ilham opened for headliner Denzel Curry, who performed in the Mitchell Center Recreation Gym 110 on D-Day, Saturday, November 9. PC: Paula Torres
Ladi Ogundipe ‘21 (front) sang on stage with Elvis Dejesus ’21 (back) at Slayter third floor during the student performances held earlier in the day. He founded a rap group with his friends at Denison called “The UN.” PC: Shanti Basu/The Denisonian
The rest of “The UN” consists of Fernando Barrientos ‘21, Abdulai Barry ‘21 (pictured), and Owen Byrnes ‘21 who also performed that day. PC: Shanti Basu/The Denisonian
Hunter Lewis ‘20 (front) and Evan Brooks ‘20 (back) created the rap group “Anti Social Media” by first uploading their tracks on Soundcloud. PC: Shanti Basu/The Denisonian
ilham, a rising singer from Queensbridge, New York and D-Day’s opening act, performed songs from her recent album, “with time.” PC: Paula Torres
The Mystic Rho Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. strolled to ilham’s last song during her D-Day performance. The fraternity got this opportunity because ilham’s manager is a fraternity brother of theirs and he reached out to the organization to perform and help energize the crowd. PC: Paula Torres
Students watched energetically from the “mosh pit” crowd. PC: Paula Torres
Headliner Denzel Curry closed up the night. He performed songs from his recent album “ZUU.” PC: Paula Torres

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