Devin: With any luck, I’ll finally be seeing The Irishman, the latest film from Martin Scorsese. The film’s gotten incredible acclaim so far, it’s incredibly the first time Scorsese has worked with Al Pacino, by all accounts it’s the first time Robert De Niro’s put in effort during the course of my life-time, and Joe Pesci was convinced to come out of retirement to be in it. The film, adapted from Charles Brandt’s historical non-fiction (though mostly debunked) novel I Heard You Paint Houses, the film seems to act as a swan song for all the major players involved, and it’s been a long time since I’ve anticipated a movie as much as I’ve anticipated this.

Joey: Family and friends. We have some crazy family traditions, most notably the board games we play every holiday where we get irrationally angry and competitive. Even my mom generally gets a few F-bombs in. Semel family games are past overboard to say the least. Traditions are a big part of the holiday week with friends as well. We have our tradition of a 3-on-3 football game every Thanksgiving morning. Me and the same guys who I’ve been friends with since Kindergarten. Believe it or not that one is less competitive than the board games…

Nina: I’ll be travelling back home to exotic Meadville, PA to enjoy the cold weather and gray skies. I’m actually not a huge fan of Thanksgiving; I think it’s an unnecessary amount of hype just for one dinner, and forces you to spend time with family members that you of course love, but don’t really like. I can really get behind Black Friday, not because I need to shop for anything, but because I’m hoping this will finally be the year I get into a physical altercation with a soccer mom in an overcrowded Wal-Mart. It hasn’t happened yet, but pray for me guys, this could be my chance.

Cordero: In general, I’ll mostly just be visiting my family in Iowa, making a short stop in Chicago. I’m incredibly homesick and plan to hangout with all my friends back home. I miss the little things from back home, such as, my little brother’s laugh or sleeping with my dog Bentley. I’ve never really been away from either of them for longer than a couple of weeks and so I’m desperate to see them. Thanksgiving dinner is spent at my grandmother’s who loves to create Hawaiian Pie which consists of pineapple, whip cream, and various other fruits. I’ll probably gobble up my thanksgiving dinner, understanding I have a paper due the following week. However, it be like that sometimes.

Alina: I will attempting to forge a future by applying for jobs yet again. Under the guise of telling myself that it will be relaxing to stay on campus, I also plan on working on my senior research (please don’t raise your expectations Jack), and writing articles to add to my pitiful portfolio. I’m so excited to go home for Chicago, which I’ll be on Wednesday. I’ll also see my baby sister who plans to leave me to go abroad in the next year, making her the first person in our family to be abroad for several months. I’m also very excited for my family dinner as I’ve been craving my grandma’s mashed potatoes for WEEKS.

Rohan: I am hopefully going to flee to the remote wilderness and live off the land. Not only will I escape the save all my food money and escape the constant existential black hole that is capitalism, I’ll also get to be a cool bear grylls type hunter dude. I’m not returning btw, i’m just gonna stay in the middle of nowhere so hit me up if you guys want to buy my mini fridge.