Nina: It happened last Thursday night. As the clock approached midnight, my roommate became more and more excited. When the clock struck 12, it became November, and she promptly started blasting Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You.” Disgusted, I took a shower and shunned her for the rest of the night.

I would argue that Halloween runs from the second week of August until the first day of December. Why? Well, for me, Halloween is the most wonderful time of the year. Is this because I’m not very religious and don’t identify with any winter holidays? Maybe. Is my love of Halloween a result of me being a death-obsessed Scorpio? Perhaps. But whatever the reason, I refuse to let the Halloween season go until I am good and ready.

Rohan: It is neither. November = Thanksgiving szn! I’m really depressed that all y’all aren’t even considering thanksgiving especially since everyone’s flexing their good eats on Snapchat on Thanksgiving night. I better not see one plate of turkey and stuffing on your guys’ stories this year since you all are completely disregarding turkey SZN. Anyone who doesn’t even acknowledge the role of turkey in the american diet is trippin’ trippin’

Devin: Agree with Rohan technically, but Thanksgiving is an imperialist holiday that whitewashes the genocide of Native Americans; that schoolchildren in America are still taught the, at best, highly romanticized story of the pilgrims and the Native Americans coming together for the first Thanksgiving is nothing short of a national disgrace. The first step to confronting a problem is admitting it exists, America! As a result of all this, I can’t officially condone it being “Thanksgiving season.”

Cordero: It’s definitely no longer Halloween season. However, it’s too early to celebrate Christmas which is more acceptable around late November. Yet, I’m still eating candy that I obtained on Halloween night so is Halloween season really over? The answer is no. Using this thought process it’d always be Christmas season. Typically, people don’t dispose of the gifts received on Christmas, however, we know Christmas ends eventually.

Alina: I must clarify that October 23 started the holiday season as in my little world it is Alina’s birthday eve and the beginning of Scorpio season. It really started the holiday season off with a bang. While I love Christmas and spending time with family, I truly think that Halloween and Thanksgiving are more enjoyable as the season changes to a cooler temperature plus they are holidays surrounded around food. I love warming by toes by the fire but honestly I’d rather the low be a crisp autumn temperature all year round. With that being said, we do have to recognize that each holiday has its designated month. Halloween is over — and I’m sad.

Max: This shouldn’t be a question. Halloween is over, people. Do we celebrate Thanksgiving in December? Do we celebrate Christmas in January? The answer is no, so why should it be any different for Halloween? I understand the overlap between Thanksgiving and Christmas for those who celebrate both — some people are over-ambitious with the Christmas lights in November, and I don’t have an issue with that. There’s no avoiding it. But we’re a week into November now so it’s time to take down the Halloween decorations.