A space heater is packed up due to a recent email banning from Denison buildings. Aaron Skubby/The Denisonian

MALINI ADKINS, Staff Writer—An email from the Denison administration was sent throughout the staff and faculty in the academic buildings are no longer allowed to use space heaters in their workspace.

This rule is not exclusive to just a select group of staff and faculty, thus it ranges from administrative assistants to directors and associate directors.

Heidi Trace, Administrative Assistant at the Academic Resource Center, has confirmed through email that this is a rule that is being implemented by Denison.

“I understand that the buildings are older and facilities are doing the best they can given the outdated equipment,” Trace stated. “I also realize that when we use space heaters, and also when we have an unusually warm day, this particular HVAC system is fooled into turning on cooler air and the situation just gets worse.”

The staff and faculty are doing what they can to adjust to the circumstance.

“I have brought an extra wrap, fingerless gloves, and some thicker socks to the office in the event that the temperature in our office suite becomes too cool,” Trace elaborated. “I am also quick to let our facilities staff know if and when the heating system in Higley is blowing cold air instead of warm air, and they are quick to send someone over for a spur-of-the-moment repair.”

Most of the buildings at Dension were established between 1940-1950, making them nearly 80 years old. The heating and cooling systems are in need of an update. However, for the time being, employees must take it upon themselves to make their working environment as suitable as possible for them.

While the situation and circumstances are not entirely ideal for all staff and faculty, Trace testified that they are managing.