LAURA LAPHAM, Arts & Life Editor Emeritus— Dencon is an annual event on campus held by the Denison gaming guild during the Spring semester. 

The Denison Gaming Guild holds two conventions each year. There is the BADOGRE in the fall and Dencon in the spring. 

Dencon focuses similar to last semester’s BADOGRE is a day of fun and games for both Denison students and Denison alumni to attend. It is a day of Role Play Games like Dungeons and Dragons, board games, trivia games, a rock paper scissors tournament, a reading of the critically acclaimed fanfiction My Immortal, and of course a viewing of the movie Gentlemen Broncos.

Dencon is a big event for past members of the Gaming Guild to attend with many alumni taking the day to visit Denison for the event and reconnecting with old friends who have graduated and that are still here at Denison. 

Celestia Goodwin, who graduated in 2019, said “One of my favorite things about Gaming Guild is the strong and continual alumni presence, and I’m really grateful I can be a part of that. I love the excuse to go back to campus and spend time with people who are incredibly important to me, especially as so many of us live across the country after we graduate. I adore the current group of Dension students, and I’m really grateful that I’m able to spend time with them. I think that connecting with others who are in a different age can be incredibly rewarding; [to get] an outside perspective from a friend who is five or ten years older than you can help decrease stress and anxiety about the future, and I hope I can give back to the current students in the same way that the alumni did when I was at Denison.”

Jeff Stevens 21’, a computer science major from Bexley Ohio, said about Dencon that “I don’t really get a chance to see people who I met at gaming guild freshman year too often. I finally found some time this weekend to come, and now the alumni are back and it is really fun to see everyone and do the stuff that started with college experience like board games, catching up with people, and being goofy.” 

Jeff ran an event this year at Dencon. His event was the first class of his the Lisska center’s experimental college program on Memes and Subcultures that will be running the rest of the semester.

This weekend was a fun day for the Dension Gaming Guild with a day of not only games and events, but with seeing old friends.