LENA MASSAREGLI, Arts and Life Editor—On Rebecca’s wedding day we see the absolute chaos that can be caused by stress, family and secrets. After Jenny, the bride’s sister, calls the bride’s ex all chaos comes out. With both families of the soon to be newlyweds disapprove of the imminent wedding and an ex of the bride now trying to stop the wedding who knows what could’ve come from all of this chaos.

Trust me, as soon as you thought that you knew what was going to happen next “It Shoulda Been You” is able to throw yet another curveball into the plot and highlight something else that could cause this happy day to go down in shambles. 

“It Shoulda Been You” truly was able to spotlight that, despite the contrary belief that your wedding day will be the happiest day of your life, that sometimes weddings end up bringing out the worst of people. Which includes over obsessive parents, heavy drinkers and a tone of secrets within the family. One of them could ruin the day and everyone’s relationships.

 Denison’s theatre and music departments did an amazing job of making the audience go through all of the ups and downs of a wedding day. As we learn all of the secrets and more about each character throughout the show you can not help but feel as if you are right there involved in it all. The stressfulness of making sure that there is a perfect wedding day and all of the secrets as the bride’s sister, Jenny, learns that her family’s views of what’s perfect or not aren’t all its cut out to be.

    As the show progresses you see that there are many things that can go wrong on even on a day as “perfect” as the day of a wedding. You also see that the people who love and care for each other truly would do anything to help each other out in a time of need. You can feel the love and care throughout the characters even though at some parts of the play it seems as though there is nothing but life tearing everyone apart. 

 Denison’s theatre department was able to capture all of the chaos that is portrayed in this play and make the audience themselves feel it from their seats. With the use of some of the isles of the theatre and a couple interactive scenes where you felt as though you truly are just some guests at the wedding. Also with the outstanding musical numbers throughout the whole show the audience were truly able to be captured in the moment.

 “It Shoulda Been You” was an entertaining comedic show that was able to capture all of the ups and downs of a wedding. 

 Constantly causing eruptions of laughter throughout the audience and scenes where you felt as though you just wanted to scream out to the stage and interact with the actors. It was very well put together and quite the show the watch.