ATTICUS MULLER and LIAM WATTERS, Specials to The Denisonian—The Denisonian’s “Your Voice” forum is a place for civil discussion.

Not me, us. The case for Bernie Sanders.

ATTICUS MULLER—Right now, the United States has socialism for the very rich, and rigid individualism for the poor. It is not radical to say that every American deserves the right to a living wage, nor is it radical to say that kids should have access to a higher education. It is not radical to say that the Earth is facing an existential threat of climate change, and that if we do not act swiftly and decisively, it will cost far more in the end than not paying for the damage already done. 

It is not radical to say that every man, woman, and child should have access to life-saving health insurance. It is not radical to say that we have an affordable housing crisis in America. These are principles so many Americans hold, and the reality of not implementing these policies is already affecting millions of Americans. 

This campaign is about building an intersectional coalition of all Americans, united in their common fight against injustice and greed. The political revolution is about fighting for one another, fighting for people abandoned and forgotten by the criminally unjust political system—people like you and me.

For more information about how to get involved in the campaign and at Denison, contact me at [email protected] 

Atticus Muller ‘22 is a political science and religion major from Lincoln, NA.

Elizabeth Warren supports Denisonians

LIAM WATTERS—Elizabeth Warren has cemented her position in American History as a fierce and fearless consumer advocate, policy aficionado, and ally to the groups who need it most. She has drafted 75 progressive policies for her website alone. She is the best candidate for Denisonians because her policies are uniquely positioned to protect our generation. She is one of the original cosponsors of the Green New Deal which aims to aggressively tackle climate issues, economic inequality, and racial injustice. Her plan will clean our oceans, decarbonize America, and offer $1 trillion to communities of color that are worst affected by this crisis. As president, Senator Warren will place a 2% tax on all incomes over 50 million dollars. This will raise over $2.75 trillion in the first decade and will pay for student debt cancellation for 95% of those affected as well as other education initiatives. I trust that Elizabeth Warren will do these things because she has a deep understanding of the bureaucracy, a real-world understanding of economics and public policy, and the demeanor to lead a coalition that will work to make America better and stronger for everyone who resides here.

If you or a friend are interested in volunteering or learning more, please email me at [email protected]

Liam Watters ‘23 is a PPE major from Aliquippa, PA.