MAGGIE WHEATLEY & SARAH WULLNER, Specials to The Denisonian—During the time of COVID-19 the sports world is more uncertain than ever.

Although the fall season is cancelled, practices have still gone on. The Denisonian interviewed freshmen football players to see their perspective on fall semester.

First, we interviewed Ben Tate (Sports Medicine Head of Athletic Trainers). He explained what precautions the football team is taking.

“The team is responsible for cleaning all equipment used after practice, as they take care of and wipe down their own equipment,” he said. He explained that for the first two phases of football, masks are required under helmets. By the third phase they hope to have masks off. The two-week periods consist of small groups before a full team activity can take place.

“From time-to-time, players have trouble with masks especially with the field being down the hill but they are still willing to play with masks because they love the sport,” he continued.

They practice in groups of fifteen and if one player tests positive then the rest in their group will be tested. If there are more positive cases from that, then other groups in the team will be tested. There have not been any positive cases for the team yet, according to Tate.

Jeff Moore ‘24: Linebacker
Moore loves playing on the team for the comradery between teammates. His favorite part of practice is foot drills.
Jimmy Stines ‘24 (right) and Alex Dobbins ‘24 (left): Quarterbacks
Stines’ part of being on the team is being with all the amazing guys. He loves getting to know the new people. His favorite part of practice is throwing. Dobbins favorite part about being on the team is meeting new people.
From left to right: Alex Sket ‘24, Trey Fabrocini ‘24, Casey Campbell ‘24, and Nelson Austria ‘24
Sket (Offensive line) – He has had a great time with the team so far. He thinks this is the best team Denison has had in a while. His favorite drill is the wave. Fabrocini ‘24 (Running back): His favorite part is how close the team is and he is excited to be a part of the family. He loves lifting the most and cannot wait to play games and hit. Campbell ‘24: Defensive line Loves the culture of football and being a part of a successful program. His favorite drill is pursuit as it teaches hustle. Austria ‘24 (Defensive line): Loves the brotherhood of the team and it feels like another family. Favorite drill is flip-the-hip since it is close to hitting. Excited to compete with new guys since his brother played last year.
Roshaune Downie (left) and Jack Nimesheim ‘24 (right): Defensive backs
Downie loves doing what he loves to do, football. His favorite drill is 7 on 7. Nimeshiem likes how the older players and coaches are welcoming. He cannot wait to start hitting and form new friendships.
Athletic trainers from left to right starting on bottom row: Meghan Callahan ‘21, Caitlin Ellwanger ‘22, Kennedy Bayer ‘22, Ben Tate (Associate Head Athletic Trainer) and Isabel Contreras ‘22.