Photos by Ivy Distler

Check out this invite from Denison Studio Art to “The Room” on display in the Bryant Ars Center Gallery from October 9 to November 11, 2020.

A dedicated space for reading, reflection, talking, making, responding through the lens of antiracism. Room is an initiative of Studio Art as we ask ourselves questions like: “What does anti-racism look like in relation to Studio Art’s pedagogy, spaces and culture? How does anti-blackness affect our students, our faculty, our staff and the community? How does racism affect individual artmaking and relationship to contemporary art and art history?”

Room is an idea, is a resource, is a response. Studio Art aims to teach our art students to be active and engaged citizens through thoughtful analysis and creative response. Room is one such way of response through creating space for questioning and learning. Presented in the Bryant Arts Center Gallery, Room will begin by providing texts and resources that bring questions of Black history, creative expression and experience, as well as protest, solidarity and white privilege to the forefront. What happens next is to be decided by the students, faculty and staff who utilize the space, who make work in response, initiate conversations and invite others.

Studio Art is committed to a long term process of anti racism and being in solidarity with our Black students, faculty and community members. We say this because of this particular historical moment, and the legacy of slavery and institutionalized racism that we have as a result. We also stand with all students of color, LGBTQ and all other forms of difference from dominant narrative, power and representation.

You the viewer, the reader, you — we would like to invite you to participate, read, spend time, make work, share ideas, share books and help to bring art and response into the place of active engagement and evolution.

If you want information about further Room or Studio Art events, please email