James Whitney ‘22 is an economics and Spanish double major from Juneau, Alaska.
Adam Marcia ’22 is a an economics and classics double major from Willoughby, Ohio.

ADAM MARCIA & JAMES WHITNEY, Special to The Denisonian—Fall is upon us, and that means our cuisine preferences must shift to match the cozy feel of the season.

Usurping the traditional fall food items such as pumpkin spice lattes and Thanksgiving turkey is easy! Campbell’s offers a wide range of affordable and flavorful soups that are sure to warm you and your roommates’ bellies during these nippy autumn months. Kitchens are abundant across campus, so there’s no excuse for not cooking yourself up a can of steamin’ hot chowder!

The Granville Market is conveniently located right down the hill and offers a wide variety of Campbell’s soups: ranging from “hearty chicken noodle” to “homestyle broccoli with cheddar.”

High prices may be an issue when dealing with numerous fall-associated meals, but most cans of Campbell’s soup are less than three dollars each.

Even though you may be many miles from your family, you can still easily enjoy the taste of home with a 10.5 ounce can of goodness.

Denison’s very own dining halls offer some filling and delicious handcrafted soup options if you prefer to use your meal plan. Evenings in Huffman can be complimented by a piping hot bowl of cream of potato with oyster or saltine crackers, and Curtis always has Cathy’s Famous Tomato Soup on deck to free your mind and soothe your soul.

Nothing can top a warm bowl of soup enjoyed on Denison’s campus during a brisk, fall day. Instead of boring your taste buds with solid foodstuffs, you should be doing your body a favor by spooning tepid broth and flavorful chunks of meat and vegetables into your digestive tract (yum!).

Soup is unrivaled in the food category, and this is proven by its ability to stand the test of time. One couldn’t guess how many years soup has been around because the number is so large that it is inconceivable to the human mind!

Nonetheless, soup is a classically underrated meal that never fails to heal. Illnesses of any variety can be cured with a loving bowl of chicken noodle in bed. All of your problems can be cured by soup regardless of if you get it on campus, buy it in Granville or make it yourself with a family recipe!

No one should underestimate the potential of soup—it is the one food that is both bountiful and cheap, while simultaneously stimulating for your taste buds and offering medicating properties that reduce your fever!