HENRY JENKS, Staff Writer — A string of recent car break-ins on campus has caused anxiety, confusion and frustration on the part of Campus Safety and the student body. 

Two events reported by Campus Safety are the latest in a string of crimes taking place in the student parking lots. These break-ins primarily occurred near the cemetery, either next to Smith Hall or across from Sunset House and Pratt Hall.

On either the 18th or the 19th of October, Zoe Loitz’s car was broken into, despite being locked. According to the student, “nothing was taken, but all of [her] belongings were scattered on the seats and the floor of the car.” The student also reported that the door handle had been broken.

Another student’s car was reportedly left unlocked and had cash and earbuds end up stolen. According to Campus Safety, in both incidents, there were items of some value in the cars that were not stolen. 

Similarly, a first-year student named David Smalley who parked next to Smith Hall had their locked car broken into and lost a small backpack and assorted low-value items. In this case, as well, there were other items of greater value in the car that were not taken. 

According to Campus Safety, they “generally do not see that type of activity on campus, so any such occurrences tend to garner attention.” 

One first-year student who parks near Smith and Shorney Hall reported that they are “ pretty nervous about having [their] car broken into,” as incidents of break-ins seem relatively random and with no clear motive. 

There are currently no suspects and the incidents were not captured on security cameras. An investigation is ongoing by Campus Safety in coordination with the Granville Police Department. 

EDITORS’ NOTE: This is a developing story. The Denisonian will follow up with any updates.